ZEBEDEE, Slice Launches Browser Extension to Pay Bitcoin Users – Bitcoin Magazine

  • ZEBEDEE partners with Slice to pay users in bitcoin to surf the web.
  • Slice is an ad startup that created an extension that awards points for watching ads.
  • Points can be exchanged for bitcoins through the ZEBEDEE app.

bitcoin game company ZEBEDEE has partnered with Slicean ad tech startup, to pay users in bitcoins when they search the web, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

Slice has developed a browser extension which can be connected to Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge or Brave and the extension will offer rewards as the user earns redeemable points, or slices.

“Internet users today are right to have high standards for receiving value in exchange for their attention, and to claim that value in the form of real money, which is delivered to them instantly,” said Darina Oumanski, co-founder and COO of Tranche.

The points are based on the advertisements that the user will see periodically in the browser while browsing the web. Internet users can then cash in their points in the form of bitcoins by linking their extension to the ZEBEDEE application.

Image via press release

Additionally, since Slice has built the integration using ZEBEDEE’s already existing infrastructure, all payments related to an account with the gaming company will be near instantaneous and free of charge. This functionality is achieved through ZEBEDEE’s exploitation of the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

“ZEBEDEE is a perfect match for Slice when it comes to actual last mile execution,” Oumanski said.

“It works no matter where you are from and what local currency you use,” Umansky continued. “Their platform has made implementing this feature extremely easy, and the fact that it runs on Bitcoin makes it instantly accessible around the world.”

The browser extension is now live and only requires the browser extension and a ZEBEDEE account to start earning passive bitcoin at no cost.

Image via press release

Image via press release

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