World Championships – Women’s Podium Training – Subdivision 1

Women’s Podium Training – Subdivision 1 – Rotation 1:



Blakely – out-of-bounds full twist double layout on bouncy landing, shapely double layout; front double full small jump forward, good double dismount tuck

Jones – huge double-double tuck, so easy, double jump back, double leg up, jump back

Chilis – hit superbly!

Carey – with an update for the season – double twist double layout, followed by a full twist double layout good landings on both passes, front full double tuck good, full in chest down at the end but nothing serious!

Wong – does the double-double mounted tuck, low landing on the Arabic double pike, 2 ½ to the front half, double back pike jump… great presentation as always!


BB: Derwael solid as ever on his first lap; wobbles on the route exit climb the turn after, the rest is good!

Turn 2:


Blakely – very strong on her DTY, best of all warm up turns

Wong, Carey and Chiles both warm up jumps

Tours present:

Wong – DTY a form problem in the air, back up safely on landing; second arch half on front layout half some bent but solid legs;

Jones – huge DTY, big back jump, but very, very good jump!

Chiles – solid DTY, small jump on landing; second jump Lopez very good but a massive jump backwards!

Carey – the first jump lands the good Cheng safely minus the large leg separation in the pre-flight; good second DTY safe!

Belgium – FX: doesn’t seem to be a problem for the team here… No Derwael in the lineup for this event, which we know of (doing UB and BB only); Brassart with full in pike and full in tuck first and second pass, good landings!

Turn 3:


Tours present:

Chiles – full toes at piked Tkatchev at Pak very good range, Maloney at Gienger and everything else clean – very good!

Carey – hit a solid routine, jump on the landing!

Wong – good first half, but the Maloney to Pak comes forward and she does a back hip circle, recovers well and finishes strong

Jones – exceptional routine, small step forward on the double front… REALLY GOOD!

Blakely – really clean set, fits as well as it gets!

Belgium – VT: DTY, Rudi and FTYs all landed well!

Turn 4:

Belgium UB: A fall in their four pressing routines, but incredible from World and Olympic champion Derwael!


Carey – perfect on the triple set, acro and dance skills are solid, little too turned on the double pike and a few steps back

Jones – good minus a little wobble on the switch side

Chilis – very solid, no problems at all!

Blakely – strikes with a step on the front of the front spring and a swing on an antenna

Wong – wobbles on a full twist wolf hop, then lands on a set and spins her leg up, unusual of her… of course, her spin after is much better and she’s almost perfect!

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