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Turnkey automation specialists Winn-Marion Companies have been solving customer problems with emerging technologies for almost half a century. Next year, the Denver-based company will celebrate 50 years of service to the industrial process and semiconductor market, providing value-added process instrumentation and control solutions across a wide range of industries. With 12 offices in the Rocky Mountain region, Texas and Pennsylvania, WM is present in oil and gas, architectural and engineering, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals, mining and food and drinks, to name a few.

They have been active in the energy business from day one, providing equipment and support to many of the coal-fired power plants that were under construction in the Rockies in the 1970s and 1980s. More recently, WM has achieved success esteemed in oil and gas by providing automation services to producers in the Denver-Julesburg, Bakken, Permian, Marcellus, Uintah and Delaware basins, among others.

As today’s oil and gas production companies strive to reduce their carbon footprint, they plan for a more electrified future and build the infrastructure to support the EV service trucks that will help them achieve that goal. . “Charging electric vehicles is another iteration of our journey in the energy industry,” said WM President Tim Bradley.

The company continues to support customers in coal and oil-fired power plants, nuclear power plants and clean-burning natural gas-fired heat recovery steam plants, in addition to all of their other markets as they turn to the future. “Just as we have moved from horse and carriage to infrastructure to support the automobile, it looks like our next transition is to electric vehicles and DC fast charging infrastructure to support it,” he said. he declared.

The desire for increased energy efficiency permeates all industrial markets, and there is no room for waste. Noting that the mantra of the moment for WM customers is “bigger, faster, stronger,” Bradley warned that as the EV infrastructure in the country grows, some vendor and OEM missteps have led to a lack of consumer confidence based on inoperative chargers. Greater attention to detail prevents these missteps. “Our approach is to accompany the customer throughout the process from start to finish, from quotation to physical installation and commissioning with our qualified electricians and technicians. “

The company is also participating in the emerging market for zero-emission electric vehicles. At the 2021 Denver auto show, WM provided fast DC charging for Xcel Energy’s Electric Ride and Drive event. “We were able to complete the vehicles in record time and continue the journeys without interruption,” said Bradley. WM also equipped the Boulder School District with the ability to quickly charge Colorado’s first electric school bus.

“Thanks to a business partner, we are also working on a think tank project, converting a 1988 Pontiac Fiero into an electric vehicle via a Tesla transplant,” he revealed. Prior to this company, they also adapted a 1969 VW Beetle from gas to electric. “These projects have allowed many of our team to learn about the industry and technology and make us much stronger as a partner in this game.”

To be a strong partner in the industry, you need alliances with strong partners, and for WM, partnership is essential. One of these partners, ABB, has grown and evolved with WM over the decades. More recently, WM created a “One ABB” customer experience by integrating ABB offerings from six divisions into a single, convenient channel. ABB’s state-of-the-art products include precision variable frequency drives that help reduce power consumption and compact ultra-low harmonic drives that eliminate disturbance to electrical systems caused by harmonics.

In response to the supply chain crisis, WM is working with several of its manufacturers to modify products so that they can reach customers and meet their needs quickly. “Other companies, like Hydroplex, have always kept their casting operations in the United States, which avoids the port issues that we see, ”Bradley said. WM works with high pressure pump and system innovators to automate and apply throttle valves used in the oil and gas industry.

Along with WM, Hydroplex is helping to develop the E&P sector towards more energy efficient and ecological components. Bradley noted that Hydroplex looks at every little point of its design to eliminate inefficiencies, making it a better and more energy efficient solution, such as its chemical injection port which prevents line freezing and reduces l use of chemicals. “By associating their valves with Valvcon electric actuators also prevent the release of greenhouse gases that you will see with other gas-powered options, ”he added.

Along with their efforts to save energy and increase the effectiveness of the customer opportunities they support, WM helps them meet critical safety obligations through partners such as Conspec controls. “They have a full line of gas detection systems that give our customers the confidence to enter a room or shelter and know they have good air to breathe and that they are not at risk of damage. ‘explosion,’ said Bradley of the company, whose US-based manufacturing operations help eliminate supply chain problems.

“Winn-Marion has always been a great partner and supporter of new and innovative products for Conspec Controls,” said Doug Boyce, Senior Director of O&G Business Development at Conspec.

“In short, the five-plus years of partnership with WM have been very fruitful. Together we have been able to move a very strong and established competitive base. Many leading E&P companies in our territory now use our product lines thanks to the combined efforts and synergy of our two companies. “

Boyce attributes this successful affiliation to WM’s shared trust and confidence in their products, particularly in their life-saving gas and flame detection technology, and the knowledge that Conspec will support their efforts and their customers. “WM is definitely one of our strongest channel partners in my area of ​​responsibility, and I really enjoy working with all of their staff in sales and service,” he said.

In addition to ensuring their safety, “Winn-Marion gets our customers moving. And hot. And come out of the darkness. Bradley’s statement is an integral part of WM’s mission to continue to evolve and find better ways to serve as the industry reshapes itself for the future.

SALES: Winn-Marion Barber, LLC strives to represent only the best manufacturers in the industry.

These premium products allow our customers to get the job done right the first time, every time.

We don’t just sell products and wish you the best of luck. We can help with startup, integration and customization tailored exactly to our customers’ needs.

Assembly of control valves, repair of governors, and fabrication of remote power systems are just a few examples of these services.

SERVICE: WM Automation Service, LLC provides complete turnkey automation for oil and gas wellheads.

Our staff’s years of oil and gas field experience prove invaluable to our customers in identifying measurement and automation problems, but more importantly, solutions.

Scheduled calibrations and gas sampling services by our experienced technicians ensure accurate results and regulatory compliance.

CONTROLS: Winn-Marion, Inc., provides a full integration service for plant control, including associated instrumentation.

Speed ​​regulation is just one of our specialties. You can also count on us for air / fuel ratio control, catalyst systems, load sharing and training.

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