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A bushfire in southwest Western Australia that forced the evacuation of hundreds of residents and tourists has been declassified after firefighters managed to contain the blaze.

People were evacuated from the Eagle Bay tourist hotspot in the town of Busselton on Tuesday afternoon.

But hours later, firefighters contained the blaze raging around Eagle Bay, Naturaliste and Dunsborough.

The urgency has now been lowered to “watch and act” although people are being warned to stay alert in case conditions change on Wednesday.

The cause of the fire, which started near Curtis Bay beach in Dunsborough, is under investigation.

The fire burned more than 220 hectares, but no homes are believed to have been lost.

As of Tuesday, more than 150 firefighters were working to contain the blaze, which isolated the communities of Eagle Bay and Bunker Bay.

Assisted evacuation convoys left the Eagle Bay Community Hall and Pullman Bunker Bay Complex at 4 p.m.

So far, authorities have been unable to access the ignition point to determine whether the fire may have been deliberately started.

The fire was first reported on Monday evening as firefighters were initially unable to access the scene.

Caller Rob said he and his family watched from the beach, after fleeing their vacation home in Dunsborough after volunteers knocked on their door to alert them to the fire.

“It was quite spectacular actually, blazing a bright red and gusts of trees were coming up,” he told Perth’s 6PR radio on Tuesday.

“We don’t know whether the house survived or not. She certainly seemed to be pretty much on the direct path to this one, but the road is closed and we can’t get in. “

Local winery Wise Wine and the nearby Meelup farm have said on social media that they were left unharmed despite the fire “very close” to their premises.

Eagle Bay Brewing Co said it will remain closed on Tuesday and urged locals to stay safe.

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