The British Automobile Association loves cycle lanes

The head of the Automobile Association in Britain said having more cycle lanes is good for drivers. According to a Telegraph report, Edmund King says it is good for drivers to use their bikes more as it will reduce car journeys as it can reduce household fuel costs, as well as traffic.

King said more cycle lanes are more important than ever in news that the UK government is considering cutting funding for cycling.

“Even though we’re an automotive organization, that doesn’t mean you have to use your engine all the time. And trips under a mile and a half are in many ways the most expensive way to use a car, because your car isn’t heated, you only drive a short distance, and you have to pay for yourself park,” King said. .

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Just like in Canada, fuel prices are high in Britain, and many cycling advocates are urging more people to use two wheels rather than four. The UK Department for Transport is rumored to be cutting the remaining $1 million of the $3 million from the Active Travel Fund.

The fund was founded in 2020 to create new new cycle paths and encourage cycling. King said 25% of AA members ride regularly and ride more, but would prefer safer routes. King said “replacing more car journeys with walking or cycling would also help clear traffic congestion and allow drivers to get around more easily and quickly.”

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King said the AA found that during COVID-19 car traffic decreased and road efficiency increased.

“It doesn’t have to be a massive reduction, but it can make a big difference,” Mr King said.


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