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Setting a new standard in pocket spring and mattress adhesives

Clariant has developed a specialized range of hot melt adhesives called Licocene®. Since this adhesive solution is straight from the curing plant, Licocene products do not need to be mixed with processing oils, resins, waxes or other modifiers to create adhesive performance.

Clariant Licocene products are made using metallocene catalysts. This technology makes it possible to control the structure and physical properties of these performance polymers more precisely than in the case of more conventional processes. Compared to other polymers, Licocene adhesives have a low melting point and low viscosity, allowing processing at lower temperatures and dosage while maintaining their high mechanical strength.

Avoiding processing oils and polymers inferior to the metallocene polyolefin in the adhesive formulation brings multiple benefits to sleep products. Licocene adhesives allow the production of mattresses in a cleaner and safer environment, as smoke can be avoided when processing the hot melt adhesive. Unsightly charred black specs in bond lines can be avoided, saving time and money normally spent on maintenance and machine downtime.

As shown in several customer trials, users of the Licocene product line have experienced up to 40% additional cost savings, due to improved mechanical bond strengths of polymers in pocket coil and ticking applications. Mattress manufacturers involved in the trials have found greater cohesive strength or “guts” in the construction, which can result in less material wastage and faster production at lower temperatures.

Mattress manufacturers are keen to provide their customers with a product that is free of unwanted odors. Clariant’s Licocene product lines are based on C2 etc3 monomers, which significantly reduces odor and yellow color compared to many other adhesives. Clean and almost invisible bond lines can be achieved using Licocene PP 2502.

In 2021, Clariant was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) 2021, marking the ninth consecutive year that this rating has been received and demonstrating that Clariant is one of the most sustainable companies in the global chemical sector. Clariant’s outstanding performance in economic, environmental and social terms is examined in depth and depth as part of the DJSI list, which is considered by experts to be the best-known and one of the most credible sustainability rankings. Clariant has developed its own label and logo for sustainability excellence, EcoTain®. The label sets ambitious benchmarks for products by considering the overall benefits and impacts across the entire product life cycle. Each product labeled EcoTain® goes through a systematic and thorough selection process and significantly exceeds market standards for sustainability, exhibits best-in-class performance, and contributes overall to sustainability efforts.

Clariant is also very proud of the innovative advancements made in sustainable adhesives by developing 100% renewable polyethylene and polypropylene polymers and waxes. 100% non-fossil C2/VS3 are referred to as Licocene Terra and Licocene PP 2502 Terra respectively for mattress applications. Our renewable raw material streams are RedCert and ISCC+ certified. The Terra product line offers the same performance benefits while contributing to a lower carbon footprint. In some cases, switching to Licocene Terra leads to a negative carbon balance compared to certain bonding solutions*.

In summary, Clariant’s Licocene offers a wide variety of sleep product benefits. Low odor and low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions add to the excellent mix of properties that make Licocene® products an excellent choice for applications such as mattress ticking and pocket springs. The colorless feature ensures invisible bond lines. Mattress manufacturers can benefit from up to 40% additional savings linked to reduced energy consumption and increased productivity. The 100% renewable based Licocene Terra product line provides high performance solutions specifically designed to meet consumer sustainability demands. To learn more about Clariant and Licocene products, click here.

* Including biogenic carbon uptake

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