‘Skate 4’ is “launching soon” and will support user-generated content

According to transcribed responses from the Q&A segment of this week’s earnings call at EA, the next Skate 4 – or simply Skate – will support User Generated Content (UGC) and will launch soon.

Earlier in the week (February 1), EA held its third quarter earnings call for 2022, and CEO Andrew Wilson there mentioned the next step for the Skate franchise, as a new entry was announced in 2020, but little has been heard of it since.

When asked about user-generated content and NFTs, the latter of which EA seems to have moved away slightly from, here’s what Wilson had to say (spotted via TweakTown):

“The ability to create your own content and integrate it into this ecosystem has become a very valuable part of what our industry offers our players and our fans,” Wilson said in the transcript. “Traditional media just don’t do it. And that’s something we hold to be true. Once again, he was at the very center of The Sims for a long time. It is at the very center of modes like Fifa Ultimate, even crazy Ultimate Team, at the very center of the design of Skatewhich we will launch soon.

Skating 3. Credit: Electronic Arts

“And so this concept of UGC or user-generated content is really just an extension of the social interaction that I can have with my friends in and around experiencing what’s the best entertainment of the planet. And so I believe this is going to be a very important part of our future,” he added.

Skate 3 was supporting a park building mechanic, so the new Skate does the same thing or also offers something new in the UGC arena remains to be seen.

The last person heard of the news Skate 4, it was announced that it will come to PC for the first time, but there is still no release date or major information. Wilson’s comments about the “soon to be launched” game, however, suggest that more information will be revealed about the game in the near future.

Full Circle will develop Skate 4and the studio is made up of series developers and the former head of Xbox Live.

In other news, Hidetaka Miyazaki has revealed the boss he’s most proud of in all the games he’s helped design.

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