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Welcome back to my dig into the back room of the bike shop we call the internet, there’s no real theme this month, just some cool shiny stuff, starting with… Runteli Bikes literal ‘Ravaged’, and forged from steel in the frozen north of northern Finland (go much further north and you’ll start heading south), you’d expect them to be tough and equipped for snow. And of course you would be right, they are, but what if you also want a long, low and relaxed enduro sled? Enter the Mörri which, language lovers, literally translates to “Grumpy”. But it looks anything but miserable, more like a rowdy hooligan. With the 4130 Cro-mo frame, 64 degree head angle, 460mm reach and chainstays giving a 1270mm wheelbase for a “medium”, it certainly ticks the long and loose boxes for any bike , not to mention a fat bike! The spec is work-packed but functional, with a Manitou Mastodon EXT 140mm fork up front, Deore 12-speed gears, Sunringle Mulefoot wheels in 26″ (with…

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