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Newport, Rhode Island, July 29. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On Aug. 17, RM Sotheby’s and Linkage Magazine, the magazine focused on automotive life, will partner for a unique multimedia seminar where a panel of automotive experts and stars will discuss “the history, intellect, passion – what connects collectors to cars”. featuring a deep dive on the 1956 Ferrari 410 Sport and the 2008 Lamborghini Reventon, presents many RM Sotheby’s Monterey 2022 auctions. The seminar will take place at 3:00 p.m. in the Colton Rooms at the Monterey Conference Center.

The star panel includes:

Donald Osborne, publisher of Linkage magazine, CEO of the Audrain Group, renowned automotive author, appraiser and host of the “Assess and Caress” segments on “Jay Leno’s Garage”. Miles Collier is a collector, enthusiast, writer and artist who founded the Revs Institute® in Naples, Florida, considered one of the largest repositories of automotive resources in the world and home to the Collier Collection. He is well known as an advocate of the automobile as being one of the most important technological artifacts of the 20th century.Steve Serio has been in the automotive enthusiast business since 1987 and is the owner of the Bond Group which buys and sells all classic brands from Aston to Ferrari, Porsche, and more. A professional photographer, he has always had a passion for cars. Former owner of Lotus and Aston Martin dealerships, he is now also an active contributor to numerous publications.

“At most classic car auctions, you can learn a lot about the particular cars on offer – when they were made, their special features, how people connect emotionally with them and, possibly, what the market says they’re worth it,” said Linkage Publisher, CEO of Audrain Group and acclaimed automotive author Donald Osborne. “But that’s not the whole story. We’ll take seminar attendees into a time machine, back to when cars were designed, built and driven, and find out a bit about why these cars transcended their era to become icons.

Tickets can be purchased directly at www.Linkagemag.com/events

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About Linkage Magazine

Linkage Magazine is a quarterly magazine published by Audrain Motorsport that caters to motoring life. The world of classic cars is driven by passion, and Linkage is your connection to the experiences, opinions and values ​​that fuel that passion. Each of our quarterly glossy issues takes you on a journey into the automotive world you know – and the automotive world you don’t. Each 180-page issue dives deep into the world of motoring, with articles that cover everything from the glamor of Italy’s highways to the guts of your local Saturday night grudge races. These are experiences. Your favorite automotive personalities are here – including Jay Leno, Simon Kidston, Donald Osborne and Zak Brown – joined by others who are destined to be your next favorites. This is Notice. Beyond that, we cover classic car auctions around the world, giving you insight into what’s happening in the market for the classics and collectibles you already own, as well as those you’ve never seen before. still dream of owning. it’s about values.


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RM Sotheby’s and Linkage Magazine team up for a unique seminar during Monterey Car Week

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