Revocation: it’s all in the riffs

There are a few groups on the planet who can handle the incredible consistency that REVOCATION have possessed throughout their impressive catalog, mixing a stack of genres to create innovative technical magic in every episode. Never step on the same ground twice, leader david davidson plunge into the realms of hell with their new demonic offspring titled Netherheaven.

“That’s nine tracks of fucking hellish death metal. I think it’s one of our best tracks to date, it feels like a very focused record but at the same time we pushed ourselves in different directions and sonic areas. Death metal is such an extreme genre but I think if you look at it creatively there are a lot of different approaches you can take. It looks like an old school aesthetic but will also feel modern at the same time with a bunch of twists, turns, and surprises.

davidson is a fan of art, film and literature and he wanted to venture into uncharted territory this time around. “I had the idea of ​​making a hell-themed record in my head. Every time you put out a record, at least for me anyway, I think back to the previous record and we had a very cosmic, Lovecraftian-inspired and I wanted to take it in a totally different direction. I didn’t want people to have preconceived expectations. I feel like I really explored the theme of space on The exteriors and hell is a very broad concept. It brings in a lot of different elements like religious iconography, metaphorical concepts, your own personal idea of ​​hell, the Earth gets warmer every year, so there’s all these different things marinating in my brain.

REVOCATION have earned a reputation for their gigantic tours, crossing the globe and bringing their mix of ferocity to as many ears as possible. Rather than let the global COVID shutdown hurt his mental well-being, davidson sought to expand his already extensive knowledge of the music industry by branching out into the world of engineering and production. “As a touring musician, my life changed drastically, but I guess I just leaned into my work and ended up learning a lot about recording, audio and video. also carried out many different collaborative projects, such as the Metal Injection Slay At Home Series and Two minutes ’til late at night, I just tried to stay busy and creative. I needed to focus on the music or I think I would have gone somewhere dark. It was a big business for sure. I learned a ton through the process and it was kind of a trial by fire.

The exteriors seen REVOCATION delve deeper into the trenches of death metal than ever before, Netherheaven take this torch and charge straight into the depths of damnation. davidson took his abundance of free time to browse the endless wealth of potential of the thriving underground scenes. “I dove deep for this one and took advantage of the pandemic to discover new bands. Obviously I revisited old bands that I like as well as new ones. CANNIBAL CORPSE, which is an excellent disc. I certainly gave a lot of laps. There are a ton of awesome bands out there. I listen to a lot of jazz in my spare time as well as classical music because I teach a lot of jazz. I drew inspiration from many different sources like movies and books for lyrical inspiration. It all starts with a riff and I have a collection stored on my computer. I have cataloged my ideas much better over the years. I still have that essence of myself as a young teenager in my mom’s basement, just riffing through an amp. I guess some things never change. Something is going to catch my ear and I’m going to go through it a few times making little variations, it’s almost like someone is working with clay, you’re constantly molding and tweaking it. That’s the beauty of being a songwriter. You could give a bunch of riffs to five different composers and you could end up with five totally different songs. I got into metal because the guitar playing appealed to me, but it’s the arrangement of those riffs that can really differentiate something from just being an idea to becoming a complete song.

The fence track, Re-Cruciated features two titans of the metal world providing guest vocals, George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fisher and the late Great Icon himself, Trevor Strnad. While it’s a sad moment to think you’re listening to one of his last contributions to a world he’s poured his heart and soul into over the years, it’s also a celebration of the level of talent and charisma that he brings to any song he touches. “Trevor was a close friend of mine. His passing was tragic and it didn’t just affect his friends, bandmates and family. The metal scene as a whole has truly lost an incredible icon,” says davidson. “Trevor was a guy who was so passionate about metal and it was great to see him so enthusiastic about doing guest vocals. What he delivered was amazing. We shot with CANNIBAL CORPSE several times too and we are tight with george, he’s just a hilarious and great guy to hang out with. It was an honor to have both of their performances on the record and it was a real highlight for me. My whole idea of ​​having two guest singers was inspired by by Dante Hell. I wanted it to feel like traveling through the different circles of hell and interacting with different demons and apparitions. Trevorthe theatrical style added great storytelling and body grinder is just a powerhouse. It’s not often you get two icons on a track.

Netherheaven is available now through Metal Blade Records.

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