Repair faulty school systems. Helping our future generations

If schools, education centers are filled with incompetence, it spreads a hostile and incompetent environment and society. Education is the way in which society advances towards inventions, solutions, the dawn of new phases. In every academic field, rigorous expertise and focus are required for real progress. Once education systems are unsavory, the species regresses. Schools can fall into any category: public, private, religious, virtual, home schooling, loving, specialty, boarding, military, etc. Nonetheless, if the curriculum, the tests, the relationships between staff and students are misleading, it will be a disruptive educational experience. In the past, school was, as it is today, a possibility to overcome poverty and to enter a profession or a career.

Despite this, we observe news of frequent cases of abuse of children, students in schools, universities by teachers, coaches, counselors, principals (it can be verbal, physical, emotional). The lack of equitable policies in schools jeopardizes the safety and health of members / participants. Reports show in schools: criminal incidents, misdemeanors, violence, discrimination, peer pressure, rape, assault, death, theft, bullying and countless others. Students cannot participate fully in class when plagued by ambiguous tests, books that are obsolete or intended to indirectly target students, teacher absenteeism, overpriced textbooks which, when resold, cost a few dollars and food prices in the cafeteria huge sums for a few food items and it needs to be checked for nutritional security. Likewise, student debts due to high tuition fees and admission discrimination (not admitted to their selection school), several teachers insufficiently trained to teach and failing that students they dislike but telling other students what to study, repetition costs or school transfer costs that might not accept all credit courses.

Online diplomas or virtual home schooling courses should not be easy materials which, compared to courses / diplomas or live exams, an online student cannot pass the material required for each level of study. . It is essential to make time for students and faculty so that they can refresh themselves after hard work. Gymnastics class coaches / teachers should check if children / adults have any health issues that prevent rigorous exercises and require exemption by medical or religious note and instead complete a written assignment with reference to the sport.

Another problem in universities / schools is the false medical diagnosis of students by teachers, counselors, psychologists whose goals include: discrimination, prejudice, having money-making programs such as extracurricular activities and pharmaceuticals, billions if students take drugs. Students on medication have sequelae that have produced violence in the classroom, poor grades, and underlying health issues.

School safety:

The exterior and interior streets of the campus / schools should be well lit and equipped with surveillance cameras, security (background checked and not to be on the side of workers / staff, to be held accountable in case of bias ), security to patrol dormitories, halls, stairwells, locker rooms, libraries, bathrooms, cafeterias, etc., frequently to detect drug trafficking, assaults or other illegal activities. Security or teachers, directors to check who is picking up the students. Playgrounds, cafeterias, classrooms, offices, bathrooms must be safe and free from germs / viruses. Inside buses to detect if students are being left behind, especially in freezing and hot weather.

The solutions are to have monitoring and investigative teams to see where funds are going and how students are being treated, how everything works, no cover-ups so people can fix prevalent school issues locally, nationally and internationally.

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