Quick showcase: Cadillac announces the GTP hypercar

Detroit, Michigan – The recently announced Cadillac Project GTP Hypercar is set to compete in upcoming endurance driving competitions at Daytona and Le Mans, much to the delight of Cadillac fans everywhere.

More than a marketing term, Hypercars are a category of the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship, an annual racing competition. According to the International Automobile Federation (FIA), these are prototype sports cars with an estimated lap time of 3:30.00 and a rear-axle hybrid system. Due to their experimental nature, only FIA-certified silver, gold and platinum drivers can compete in these vehicles.

Its black aesthetic is also more than visual, with many vehicle components, such as the engine cover and rear diffuser, being assembled from carbon fiber. Even by hypercar standards, the GTP Hypercar features a clean, aggressive design. Visually, the only real difference between the Batmobile and the GTP is the lack of weapons sticking out of each panel.

“The Project GTP Hypercar is a unique convergence of form and function and showcases Cadillac’s future performance aesthetic,” said Chris Mikalauskas, Cadillac’s principal exterior creative designer. “We have a lot more to come, from the next race car to amazing production vehicles.”

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