Popular and Most Liked Instagram Content Types

Everyone wants to know what type of content is the most popular on Insta these days. Knowing which topics or types of content are generally liked is great. Skipping trending topics or one type of content often is a good way to increase interest in your account over time. However, even with the right kind of content, sometimes you have to compete with many other content creators. Meanwhile, IG favors accounts with more followers and hearts, so if you’re new to the site, it can be very difficult to get started.

How to overcome this challenge? Even with several hundred subscribers, only one or two can see your post in their News Feed because the algorithm is more inclined to show people popular content. For this reason, many Instagrammers looking to improve their stats decide to buy cheap IG likes with gradual and drip option available. This helps their awesome content to be seen by more people which in turn boosts organic engagement which leads to even more visibility for your posts.

In the meantime, here are some popular and most beloved types of Instagram content:


It’s easy for older generations to laugh at Millennials and Zoomers for “always taking their lunch photos”. But the point is, this content actually gets a lot of heart and engagement on IG. It turns out that most of the people on Insta are really to do want to see your lunch. In particular, images of culinary art or unusually creative dishes work particularly well, like these Unforgettable giant bagels. So if you’ve molded your mashed potatoes in a castle, created a flower arrangement from fruit, or spelled an olive ad on your pizza, snap a photo and post it!



Dogs and cats are also very popular on Instagram, with hashtags like #DogsOfInstagram and #CatsOfInstagram racking up hundreds of millions of photos. In fact, this dog photo test was the first photo ever published on the site.

  • The funnier the image, the better. Did your cat manage to open the fridge and run away with the cold cuts? Take a photo of the bandit in action.
  • Cats and dogs aren’t the only animals Instagram loves – pictures of wild animals are popular too.
  • Especially popular are photos of animals in which the creature has a particularly human expression or does something that humans can relate to, like this one Photo of a raccoon named Pumpkin who seems desperately looking for coffee.

Behind the scenes of the production of your product

This is a great idea that will get a lot of likes if you are promoting a business or brand. Most people don’t want to see a categorical ad for everything you’re selling, even if it’s something they’re interested in. IG users scroll through the ads all the time. But often viewers are interested in how the products they love are made, especially if you capture an unusual or eye-catching photo. These work especially well if you can be frank and show the human side of making a product or providing a service. Some people may be hesitant to take a selfie after they finish fixing a printing press at 3 a.m. and wiping the sweat from their brow. But that, with the current press in the background, might get people to find out more about your magazine or newspaper.


Video content is becoming more and more popular on Insta, for good reason. Video content has a 2X higher engagement rate as still photos on the site and generates more comments than other types of posts. Here are a few takeaways from videos:

  • Video tutorials are the most popular kind of video on IG, followed by behind-the-scenes posts, interviews and reports.
  • It’s always a good idea to give things a new twist. You can experiment by interviewing your neighbors, doing satirical media coverage of mundane things happening in your neighborhood, or presenting a behind-the-scenes look at how you clean your closet or cook dinner yourself.
  • Make sure you invest in good quality editing software to make your video look its best.

Landscapes or outdoor images


Instagram is the perfect place to escape the monotony of your own life and surroundings. People often like to travel posts, especially views of beaches, mountains and other scenic landscapes – the bigger, the better. Flowers, gardens and manicured lawns are also popular. There are also niches for lovers of forests, wildflowers, particular tree species and even lovers of abandoned buildings. Wide-angle shots showing a wide swatch of the landscape get a lot of engagement, but so do close-ups, so take plenty of shots the next time you’re traveling and use a jumpsuit to see what sticks.


Surprisingly – or maybe not – these self-photographic photos are still extremely hot on the site. But since most people take a #selfie every now and then, you’ll need to do something unusual to make yours stand out. Maybe you take a selfie in an unusual place or at a strange time. You can also go for the franchise, humor, or a slice of life approach, like taking a 2am selfie when you can’t sleep and watching Netflix. Not all selfies have to be perfect and staged, and a more realistic style sometimes serves people well.


Sometimes Insta goes through a trend where everyone wants to take the same type of photo, often with a pithy caption and a specific hashtag. Sometimes the current trend is to post a parody of a much-viewed original photo. For example, the # awakened like that The trend started with people taking staged, heavily posed or makeup photos and claiming that they “woke up like that”. Suddenly everyone wanted to look more extra than that. While some people seemed to have just woken up to their photos, others had clearly gone to great lengths to look impeccably put together. Many images have aroused a strong commitment for their creators.

Final thoughts

  • Relying on trends and other popular content is a great long-term strategy for increasing hearts and comments, as well as gaining new fans.
  • However, it can be difficult to get your posts seen early on, when IG algorithms favor accounts with the most audiences and the most engagement.
  • How do you compete with someone who has millions of followers? You can gradually level the playing field by regularly ordering cheap likes for Insta.
  • It helps people see your food or animal photos in the first place, so they can double tap and your stats will increase. Then you can tell people that you woke up like that with hundreds or thousands of hearts!

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