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During Bungie’s 30th Celebration, Destiny 2 is releasing patch 3.4.0, the last update before the Witch Queen expansion.

That’s all we know about the Anniversary Pack and the latest Destiny 2 patch!

Release date

Destiny 2 3.4.0 and the 30th anniversary event have gone live December 7, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. GMT.

30th anniversary pack

The Anniversary Pack will grant access to a new three-player dungeon called The Grasp of Avarice, inspired by the famous loot caves of the Cosmodrome.

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ARMOR UP: Destiny 2 is about to heat up quickly with a new update and anniversary pack to explore

The exotic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher will return in the Destiny Anniversary Pack. A set of thorn armor, an arsenal of inspired weapons, gear and cosmetics will be included in the pack.

Players will also receive an additional cosmetic reward during the Dares of Eternity event.

Destiny 2 Patch 3.4.0 Notes

This is a culmination of the most critical changes in the new update. Additionally, the update will include a new voiceover for Xur in Spanish, and players will be able to swap armor mods instantly, with no Glimmer or currency required.


  • Locking in currency rewards at three, five, and seven wins is no longer clear when resetting tickets.
  • Added a playlist tooltip to indicate that Cross-Play must be enabled to access Trials.
  • Practice runs now display a warning message if the player account has a seven-win ticket.
  • Added a restricted third-person camera tooltip and a loading screen hint for Trials, Elimination, and Showdown.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Dead Cliffs map from loading properly in Glory playlists.
  • Removed the anomaly and dead cliffs from the swing control momentum.
  • Fixed the missing chain for the Triumph of Legendary Valor and fixed the number of times to reach the Trial rank of “Legend”.
  • Crucible bounties for area capture now apply to all Crucible modes.
  • Rusty Land: Fixed an issue where dynamic items, like barrels or bricks with physics and explosive beehive items, were missing on this map.

Lost Sectors

  • Improvements:
    • Adjusted the music in Legend and Master Lost Sectors to match as lives and time begin to flow.
    • “Zone of Darkness” tendrils and sound will now play when players run out of revives in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, and in Grandmaster Nightfalls.
    • Players will now see a “No revives left” warning when they are no longer revived in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, or in Grandmaster Nightfalls.
    • Players will no longer see “Revives: +0” when defeating Champions after the time limit has expired in Legend and Master Lost Sectors, or in Grandmaster Nightfalls.


  • The corrupt:
    • To reduce the total strike duration and make it less painful after hard wipes in the elevator encounter, we’ve removed the fighters caught in the dark corridor of the Ascendant Plane leading to the elevator.
    • If a squad takes a hard hit during the final phase of the Ascendant Realm boss fight, when they respawn, the Portal to the Ascendant Realm will take them directly to phase 2, instead of having them replay the platform section. between phase 1 and phase 2.
    • When a fire team arrives in the platform area before the boss fight in The Adytum, any fire team members or ghosts left behind in the early parts of the attack will now be teleported to forward to join their fire team.

Gameplay changes


    • In PvP game modes, the ability energy gain is no longer generative with other energy regeneration increases.
  • Intimate Heart of Light
    • Using abilities more consistently now stacks the Empowerment Buff.
    • The buff text now shows which ability is empowered and how many buff stacks it has.
    • In PvP game modes, buff duration and ability regeneration rate have been reduced by approximately 50%.
  • Contraverse outfit
    • Ability regeneration boost now always lasts 1.75s.
    • Previously, the boost was between 1s and 4s.
    • The previous average time was 1.35 s due to the weighting.
    • In PvP game modes, grenade energy gain has been reduced by 50%.
  • Doomfang Pauldrons
    • In PvP game modes, Super Energy gain has been reduced by 50%.
  • Shinobu’s wish
    • In PvP game modes, Grenade Energy gain per hit has been reduced by 66%.
    • Chromatic Fire now works with Stasis subclasses as intended.
  • Storm crown
    • In PvP game modes, reduced the duration of energy regeneration increase from 7s to 4s.
  • the deer
    • In PvP game modes, energy gain from class abilities has been reduced by 50%.
  • Ice climbing coat
    • The stasis overshield can now be canceled by pressing the class ability entry again.
  • Dune walkers
    • Once a player is hit by a Dunemarchers Lightning Chain, they cannot be hit by Dunemarchers again for 2s.
    • Dunemarchers’ bolts now only chain on living targets.
  • Armor mods
    • Can now be applied instantly with the push of a button. Removed all Glimmer costs for Socket Armor mods.
  • Melee kickstart
    • In PvP game modes, melee energy gain has been reduced by 50%.
  • Grenade launch
    • In PvP game modes, grenade energy gain has been reduced by 50%.
  • Perpetuation
    • In PvP game modes, Class Ability Energy gain has been reduced by approximately 25%.
    • The change varies slightly depending on how many copies of the mod you have equipped.



  • Shotgun
    • Reduced Slug Shotgun PvE damage bonus from 30% to 20%.
    • Gave pellet shotguns a 10% PvE damage bonus.
  • Linear fusion rifle
    • Increased PvE damage by 10%.
  • Spellcasting Sword
    • Reduced the cost of Heavy Attack Ammo from 8 to 5.
  • Bows
    • Increased damage against minors by roughly 10%.
  • Side arms
    • Increased the speed of Sidearm projectiles from 999 to 9999 (making them hitscan regardless of frame rate).


  • Mythoclast of Vex
    • Reduced aim assist stat by 25.
    • Reduced the scalar of the Linear Fusion Rifle aim assist cone from 1.1 to 1.05.
    • Now requires killing three players for full overload instead of two.
  • Fighting lion
    • Removed the multiple hit requirement (i.e. dealing damage will grant the buff).
    • Increased the reload stat buff from +50 to +70.
    • The reload will still be slow if you miss, but if you deal damage, Fighting Lion will reload faster than before the nerf.
    • Increased buff duration to 7s.
  • Crossbow
    • Now has intrinsic anti-barrier.
  • Sleep simulator
    • Increased magazine size from 3 to 4, increased PvE damage by 6%.
  • Suros diet
    • Dual Speed ​​Receiver mode now grants the following in addition to its current effects: +30 range, +3 zoom,
  • Cryosthesis 77K
    • Complete removal of “variable trigger”, now fires by pressing the trigger instead of releasing it (this will make it much more responsive).,
    • Charged shot moved to special reload. Getting a kill with the Sidearm grants access to the special reload.
    • Once the charged shot is fired, the weapon reverts to standard handgun fire.
    • It does NOT cost your entire magazine.,
    • Charged Shot now inflicts an AOE which freezes AI and slows players (direct hits always freeze),
  • Breath of Leviathan
    • The Catalyst now grants the Archer’s Tempo perk in addition to his other effects.
  • Worm whisper
    • Decreased catalyst whisper breath activation delay from 2.1s to 1.2s.
    • White Nail magazine’s refill has changed, three from inventory now pulling two from inventory, one from nowhere.
    • Increased damage in PvE by 10%.
    • Thrill, recoil, and bloom have been reduced by 50% while the Personal Assistant is active.
    • Personal Assistant now has a 1 second delay before deactivating when not targeted (it was instantaneous).
    • Increases PvE damage by 20%.
  • Malfeasance
    • Increased explosion damage by 50%.
  • The tale of the dead man
    • Improved coherence of hip fire with catalyst: increased reticle friction attenuation distance, less recoil, improved accuracy.
    • Apparent catalyst heir
    • Reduced damage resistance against players from 75% to 25%.
  • Lorentz pilot:
    • Telemetry patterns no longer reward ability energy.


  • Adrenaline junkie
    • Kills can add unique damage stacks or expand existing ones.
    • Grenade attacks immediately increase charges to x5.
    • Decreased duration to compensate for weapon activation.
  • Vorpal weapon
    • Now 10% on heavy weapons, 15% on special weapons, 20% on primary weapons, whereas previously it was 15% in all areas.
    • No change to damage against players in Super.
  • Whirlwind blade
    • Increased the number of stacks required to deal maximum damage from five to ten.
  • Pulse monitor
    • Changed health threshold from 90% health, any shield to any health, 30% shield.

For the full list of changes, see the official publication here

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