Netflix will now criticize its own content with the Tudum website

Netflix is ​​taking a big step in its quest for world domination! The streaming giant isn’t just pushing to become the most watched streaming service anymore. They are also moving towards editorial activity. Netflix has announced the launch of a site called Tudum. What is billed as the one stop shop for all the Netflix news you will ever need. The site is gearing up to offer all kinds of behind-the-scenes bonuses. Additionally, fans will be able to access news straight from the horse’s mouth on upcoming series and movies arriving on the streaming service. Is this really a place to find unbiased news?

Netflix embarks on this new editorial venture


For months, Netflix has been recruiting talent from various news sites to try and create its own platform. Many former editors of different online publications are turning to Netflix. We are seeing the same phenomenon that we have seen for years with the top players getting good deals with the streaming service. In this case, the problem may be that not everyone can be the primary editor. They have at least three people on board who were editors at their former workplace. Michelle Lee, former editor-in-chief of Allure, and Bitch Media editor-in-chief Evette Dionne are both quitting their jobs to work for the streaming giant.

Not their first rodeo in blogging


It’s not like Netflix doesn’t have an editorial aspect in its corporate umbrella. For the most part, however, the company has managed a few small blogs at this point. In fact, it can be argued that their earlier efforts in publishing have not been so widely publicized. Especially for a company as large as Netflix. One of the most well-known parts of Netflix’s publishing efforts revolves around what was once their core business. You can still get Netflix the old fashioned way It is a service that allows you to choose different movies for the DVDs to be delivered to your home. They run a magazine and a blog around this particular service. Where you can find reviews of the movies the company is offering for your rental at that time.

A Personal Experience On The Site

netflix-is-a-joke 1

Netflix is ​​not going to pass up this opportunity to integrate its famous algorithm technology into this new feature. Users will be able to log into their Netflix accounts on the Tudum site. In doing so, they will be presented with curated content that matches the preferences they have displayed through their viewing habits in their Netflix account.

In general, this seems like a decent move to be able to get some clear information about the original Netflix series that is going to be renewed. They’re disseminating that information through other channels anyway. Could you really trust Netflix to provide unbiased reviews? It seems hard to believe. If you are among those who are convinced that Netflix has a plan to take over the world, this is certainly more proof!

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