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DALLAS – An Antonov AN-12TBK (UR-CIC) cargo plane of Ukrainian cargo airline Meridian (MEM) crashed west of Kavala International Airport (KVA) in Greece while en route from Nis in Amman, the capital of Jordan.

According to data from FlightRadar24Flight MEM3032 was en route from Nis Constantine the Great Airport (INI) to Amman Queen Alia International Airport (AMM) when it crashed approximately 10 NM west of Kavala.

As of this writing, there are no official reports of the victims or the causes of the crash.

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Flight MEM3032. Map: FlightRadar24

What we know so far

According to a report by, the AN-12BK carried weapons for Ukraine. The pilot requested an emergency landing but was unfortunately unable to reach the airport.

The crash site is near a village where residents filmed the moment of the crash.

About Meridian

According to his websitethe airline operates cargo charter flights around the world and fulfills contracts with governmental and non-governmental organizations for the transport of humanitarian goods.

Additionally, MEM cooperates closely with the UN and NATO for the delivery of urgent cargo, including military and dual-use cargo.

Meridian LLC was founded on July 11, 2003 and is one of the first private airlines in Ukraine to hold international status with the ICAO call sign MEM.

The cargo airline only operates AN-12 aircraft.

Antonov-12 (UR-CGW). Photo: Meridian

Data from the Antonov AN-12

According to MEM, Antonov started production of AN-12A in 1961 with increased fuel capacity up to 16600 liters and improved engines, AI-12A (4 × 4000 hp). The maximum capacity of the equipment involved in the accident was later increased to 20,000 kg.

  • Cruising speed of 535-550 km/h;
  • Climb 10 m/s;
  • Landing speed of 200 km/h;
  • Service ceiling 10200 m;
  • Maximum autonomy with a load of 20,000 kg – 3,600 km;
  • Ferry range 6,200 km;
  • Take-off/race 700/500 m;
  • Required runway length of 2200 m.

This is a developing story.

Featured image: Antonov-12 (UR-CTJ). Photo: Meridian

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