Lessons from YouTube creators: content is king, don’t take criticism to heart

Content is king and keeping your audience in mind is crucial for success. And yes, surviving criticism and negativity on YouTube means developing thick skin. These are the lessons the female YouTube creators behind channels such as ArtKala, Interior Maata and Kaizen English have for anyone aspiring to become a content creator.

Ananya Bhattacharya (34) has a YouTube channel focused on home decor videos, amassing over 786,000 subscribers. (Image credit: Interior Maata)

“It’s important to have a genuine and positive approach to your subscribers. Your content can help them connect with you and later they will help grow your business,” Vadodara-based Ananya Bhattacharya (34) told indianexpress.com. She launched her channel in 2017 at a time when she was dealing with depression and low self-esteem.

But the leap of faith she took with YouTube proved pivotal. His channel Inner maata – focused on home decor videos – now has over 786,000 subscribers. The chain has also helped her to develop her main activity which is interior decoration. “My YouTube channel not only helped me grow my business, but also, as a designer, allowed me to explore my creativity,” she said.

Women on YouTube artkala ArtKala is run by Puja (18) and her siblings Sneha Kumari (20) and Pawan (15). (Image credit: ArtKala)

For creators of ArtKalawhich includes Puja (18) and her siblings Sneha Kumari (20) and Pawan (15), the channel launched in 2016 was a way to help their parents who were facing financial difficulties.

Their channel now has nearly 4.5 million subscribers and is full of DIY (Do It Yourself) tips and tutorials, making it some of the most addictive content on social media. Puja also agrees that creators should keep the needs of their viewers in mind. “If you’re creating content, you need to find out what the audience demand is,” she says.

She also admits that negativity on social media platforms is part of the job and it takes some getting used to. “When you start creating content, people come and say there’s nothing you can do, it’s not a girl thing to do, but you have to innovate and not take negative comments to heart. If you don’t aren’t comfortable showing your face, there are so many channel ideas you can start without showing your face,” the teenage creator said.

She also has financial advice for creators: spend on products that will make the channel more profitable. The siblings themselves chose to invest in a chic office/studio in Patna to boost their business.

Women in YouTube Kaizen Français Kaizen English is run by Chennai-based Malar (34), who turned to YouTube to grow her English coaching lessons business. (Image credit: Kaizen English)

Malar (34), based in Chennai, who started English Kaizen in 2017 – a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching English – has a different approach to criticism. “When you receive negative (critical) feedback, take a moment to think about what you could learn from it. If there is something, use the input to help you grow. case, never think about it,” she said.

Incidentally, Malar (34) turned to YouTube to grow her English coaching course business. The idea to launch Kaizen English on YouTube came from his students who were working abroad. “They suggested I upload videos to YouTube so they can learn from them,” she explained. And that turned out to be a very smart suggestion given that Kaizen English now has over 954,000 subscribers and hopes to hit the one million subscriber mark soon.

And while these creators tasted success in the competitive world of YouTube, Bhattacharya admits that being a woman meant it was easy to doubt her abilities as a successful YouTuber or entrepreneur. “I think it started with birth in a patriarchal society. We see the successful faces in any top business magazine, the most subscribed YouTube channel or a start-up that has been funded in the millions, 95% of them don’t have a female face,” said Bhattacharya. However, she thinks that is changing with YouTube content creators like Kabita Singh, Prajakta Koli leading the charge.

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