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New Delhi: HVM-deRivaz-Ives is India’s premier historic vehicle magazine, with over a hundred fascinating, incisive and exciting articles on vintage and classic cars and motorcycles, both of Indian origin and of the whole world.

Written and curated by a team of renowned historic vehicle specialists (see Editorial Board) led by Editor-in-Chief and eminent author on automotive history, Gautam Sen, as well as the best in photography, the search for HVM-deRivaz-Ives-animated stories featured some of the rarest and most unusual automobiles, models and makes, as well as special information about collectors and their collections of cars, bikes and even cars. automobilia.

Mumbai Office: 24-B Nariman Bhavan, Nariman Point, Mumbai – 400 021 E auctions

Contributors range from Norway to New Zealand, and include historic vehicle experts from Switzerland, France, Italy, Iran, the United States and beyond, with the Indian stories written by a panel of the best writers and experts in India. Likewise, the best of photography and imagery has been used throughout.

From stories and reports on events, clubs and museums (both local and global) to international news and features that have engaged readers around the world, from Mexico to New Zealand, Canada, France, Morocco, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, and Australia— HVM-deRivaz-Ives competes with the best international historic vehicle magazines, providing up-to-date news and in-depth articles on all vintage and classics.

The automobile’s influence on Asia is relatively recent, with Japan shifting primarily to motorized transport after World War II, South Korea in the 1970s and 1980s, and China in the last two decades. The only other country in Asia deeply influenced from the early days of the automobile is India. Initially, India was a hugely important market for some of the best bespoke automobiles in the world and more recently has made its mark as a producer, mass consumer and user.

At the start of the 20th century, rajas, maharajas, nawabs and a Nizam acquired some of the most extraordinary automobiles ever created. They were accompanied by highly qualified lawyers, doctors, professionals and tradesmen from the cities of Calcutta and Bombay, who commanded some of the finest racing cars, enjoying and enjoying the joys of motoring and motorsport.

After independence, the automobile played a vital role in India’s industrial growth, besides being a hero in many Indian films. The automobile continues to transform India today as it connects the remotest corners of our vast nation, providing mobility, freedom and jobs to millions. It has helped to empower women in many parts of the country, enabling them to go to school and university, to go to work or simply to visit the market.

Yet, until now, we have never had a magazine to celebrate the automobile as a cultural object. The HVM-deRivaz-Ives magazine was launched to fill this gap. Over the next few months, HVM-deRivaz-Ives will evolve into a more comprehensive magazine of culture in a global context.

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