IBS 2022 Preview: Creating a Winning Customer Experience

During his IBS 2022 education session”From Sale to Completion: Winning the Customer Expectation GameOn February 8 in Orlando, Florida, Tim Faller of Remodelers Advantage will discuss the importance of managing and meeting client expectations in a job. The session will also cover common challenges to a great customer experience and the relationship between how customers feel and the success of a job.

To preview the session, BUILDER sat down with Faller to discuss the basics of customer experience, why it should matter to builders, and why it’s often overlooked.

BUILDER: How do you define the difference between customer experience and customer service?

faller: The customer experience is what he feels. Customer service is what we as a company do for the customer. I think there is a huge difference. In general, we focus on what we do and not on what the client feels or feels.

CONSTRUCTOR: Why is customer experience such an important element that all construction professionals should think about in their business?

faller: The customer reacts according to his feelings and not according to the delivery of a product. If we don’t give them a good experience, reviews are difficult as well as recommendations. I think the other thing that’s important, especially from a production perspective, is that the customer can have an amazing experience during the sales process that’s incredibly positive. Then they get into production, and it tends to be problem-oriented and challenging. Thus, the experience deteriorates over time.

BUILDER: What can companies do to ensure that all employees maintain the customer experience throughout the various processes of a job?

faller: Companies can be aware and concerned about the customer experience. But probably a bigger factor is just communicating about it. I think we tend to communicate on all technical aspects, but we don’t communicate on expectations and experience.

BUILDER: Once a company realizes that customer experience is an important part of its business, can it be managed and monitored?

faller: It is very possible. You just have to be very careful and strive to do the same kind of things with every job. Especially for the production staff, building the project becomes the most important thing for them while they are working, and it is not.

BUILDER: What are the common areas that threaten a good customer experience and impact customer expectations?

faller: The most important is the point of view of the production team on the realization of the project. That seems to be their overall goal [rather than the customer]. I think the other thing that’s often a big challenge is that the process of building a project is so common for builders that we take it for granted that it’s going to be a certain way. Instead of saying we need to create an environment that the customer will enjoy. In other words, we just do it the way we always have and don’t think about creating in a different way. So you listen to people talk, and everyone will say, “There are going to be problems. How do you know that? What impact does this have on the customer’s experience?

To learn takeaways that can be applied at every stage of the work process to positively impact the customer experience, attend Faller’s session”From Sale to Completion: Winning the Customer Expectation Gameat 11:15 a.m. EST on Tuesday, February 8, in room W304-G.

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