#HTCityCheers23: You can’t miss these cool content creators! | fashion trends

These 23 content creators are creating a real storm in the world of social media.

1. Sanjiot Keer

IG: 150,000 YT: 3.2m FB: 1.3m

From Jain pav bhaji to bhindi do pyaza, Keer does it all! He is our desi munda who rose to fame through his love for Indian delicacies which he documents on his SM handles. Keer, who was the food producer of MasterChef India, also made the list of Tycoons of Tomorrow 2018 by Forbes India.

Kusha Kapila

2. Kusha Kapila

IG: 2.3m YouTube: 334,000

The popular internet star is known as the queen of topical humor. The comedian-actor is known for playing the famous ‘Billi Maasi’. The way she imitates South Delhi girls is just right!

3. Karan Doua

GI: 1m YT: 1.88m

Increasingly known for his videos served with a touch of desi swag, Dua is a well-known food influencer who enjoys taking his audience across the country to acquaint them with the different tastes of India.

4. Komal Pandey

IG: 1.6m YT: 1.8m

Former stylist turned fashion influencer, Pandey is your inspiration for unconventional style that breaks the rules. From how to drape your favorite saree to how to style an oversized blazer, she dispenses it all.

sahil khan

5. Sahil Khan

IG: 10.4m YT: 3.17m FB: 2.7m

The fitness influencer who made his acting debut on the big screen, now advocates fitness to the younger generation, and how! Need that much-needed gym inspiration? You know who to follow.

6. Kabita Singh

IG: 879K YT: 11.9m FB: 2.2m

From vrat ka khana with a modern twist to festive delights, culinary influencer Kabita Singh is known for his easy-to-prepare recipes with readily available ingredients.

7. Gaurav Chaudhary

IG: 2.3m YT: 22m FB: 1.6m

Known as Technical Guruji, the influencer stands out for its Hindi content that includes tips and product reviews.

Mrunal Panchal

8. Mrunal Panchal

IG: 3.8m YouTube: 764k

Popular for his new-age and funky makeup tricks and looks, Mrunal Panchal is a popular name among beauty lovers of India. Whether you want to learn the basics of makeup or want to do it all, Panchal is the girl for you.

Shipra Khanna

9. Shipra Khanna

IG: 3.7m, YT: 147,000 FB: 1.7m

Need original recipes like spinach pancakes? Head over to the social media of culinary influencers and celebrity chefs. His claim to fame: winning the second season of MasterChef India.

10. Ashish Chanchlani

IG: 13.5m YT: 28m FB: 10m

A witty sense of humor defines Chanchlani. His portrayals of characters through his vines have made the comedian a household name.

Shirley Setia

11. Shirley Setia

IG: 7m YT: 3.82m FB: 8.9m

Setia puts her own fun spin on Bollywood songs. The singer-actor featured in Forbes magazine as “Bollywood’s Next Big Singing Sensation.”

Prajakta Koli

12. Prajakta Koli

IG: 4.9m YT: 6.61m FB: 516k

Famous for his relatable comedy, Koli, known as “MostlySane”, is anything but boring! Playing various characters, she leaves the audience wide open.

Kritika Khurana

13. Kritika Khurana

IG: 1.5m YT: 632,000 FB: 2,000,000

Known as “ThatBohoGirl”, Kritika Khurana is a fashion blogger who stands out for her quirky bohemian style and bubbly personality.

14. Rahi chadda

GI: 1.2m

The model-influencer walked during all the world fashion weeks. Her new-age take on fashion and skincare secrets has made her a hit among millennials.

15. Contractor Kayaan Shiraz

GI: 98.8k

Fashion paired with comfort, a killer pair of shoes and funky colored hair is how she rolls. This lifestyle content creator is rocking the world of social media with her all-encompassing style

16. Nikhil Sharma

IG: 1.4m YouTube: 3.89m FB: 340k

A Mumbai vlogger who rose to fame documenting his experiences on a bike, Sharma is an adventurer with a knack for outdoor sports.

Sapna Vyas

17. Sapna Vyas

IG: 1.6m YouTube: 345,000 FB: 3,000,000

Giving fun and easy fitness and diet tips, Vyas has a holistic approach to a healthy body and mind. Answering all your fitness questions in the form of interactive content, she’s definitely not your usual gym instructor.

Niharika NM

18. Niharika NM

GI: 2m YT: 740K

The Los Angeles-based Indian YouTube sensation has gained popularity through funny short sketches, entertaining viewers with his own brand of sarcastic observational comedy.

19. Sejal Kumar

IG: 849,000 YouTube: 1.38m

Apart from fashion and lifestyle content, Kumar has also started posting some cheer-up dance videos. She recently released her first original song Aisi Hun as part of the Creators for Change project.

Ranveer Allahbadia

20. Ranveer Allahbadia

IG: 1.8m YT: 3.16m FB: 386k

What started as a fitness journey has become a lifelong mission for Allahabadia. Its content covers fashion, grooming, personal finance, etiquette, meditation, mental health and entrepreneurship.

Bhuvan Bam

21. Bhuvan Bam

IG: 14.2m YT: 25.3m FB: 7.2m

Considered an OG when it comes to creating engaging content, his viral Instagram videos have a heavy dose of humor. Find it relatable, don’t you!

Masoom Minawala

22. Masoom Minawala

IG: 1.2m YouTube: 53.9k Facebook: 2,000,000

With its edgy style and girl-next-door look, Minawala captures the hearts of many. She rose to worldwide fame after walking for designer Vaishali S at Milan Fashion Week as a star.

23. CarryMinati

IG: 15m YT: 35.2m FB: 2.3m

A young creator from Faridabad, CarryMinati aka Ajey Nagar is known for his hilarious reactions on various trending topics and comedic timing in his videos.

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