How Dwell with Ashley Sharp from Dignity Makes the Holidays

We asked Dallas trendsetters for their seasonal staples – the items they don’t think vacations are complete without. Ashley Sharp from Dwell with Dignity shares her favorites.

Favorite gift shop: Favor the Kind always has the cutest holiday gifts – I love that they have something for every age range, and their playful items are always unique and memorable!

Preferred host or hostess gift: I love creative holiday hostess gifts – for something totally original, get a board game from Common Ground Games. Exploding Kittens is always a success. Games are a great gift that can be enjoyed that night, and many more after.

Favorite place for gift wrapping: The merchant on Greenville Avenue is a hidden gem. Their selection of gift cards and wrappers is amazing, and you can get a great cup of coffee and cute gifts for your friends (or yourself!) With just one stop.

Best place to buy a holiday party outfit: Whenever I’m looking for a unique vacation outfit, whether it’s a fancy night out or a tacky vacation sweater night, I head straight to the Buffalo Exchange. Every time you go it’s a scavenger hunt. I have found items from Chanel and Gucci to playful pieces from Zara. Plus, you help make the design sustainable, and they give each buyer a token to donate to a charity of their choice – win-win!

Reference source for holiday table tops and serving pieces: I love this place so much that I hardly want to share it. The Crate & Barrel Outlet has the best plates, cups and serving pieces for the holidays at insane prices. Buy early in the season, they start rolling out holiday items in September!

Go-to cocktail or holiday spirits: I am obsessed with weekend coffee at Joule – the drinks and snacks are great and the people watching is second to none. For the holidays, their enriched hot chocolate is my new go-to product. I can’t wait to have more this year!

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: It’s always like Christmas to me when I grab a La Duni hot chocolate for my holiday shopping at NorthPark. It makes me feel comfortable and they have the best flavors including a pinch of cinnamon for a little kick.

Favorite Holiday Sweet Treat: I’m a huge fan of Val’s cheesecakes – not only is it from Haiti, where my dad is from, but his cakes are amazing. I highly suggest buying a few jars to try out all the flavors – they make great hostess gifts too!

Favorite holiday music: Really, it’s not Christmas until I hear Bill Nighy sing “Christmas is All Around” from Love in fact. It’s so silly and cheesy but eye-catching like everyone else.

Favorite Holiday Movie: It’s such a controversial choice, but Die hard is my ultimate vacation movie. It’s packed with action, humor, and romance, along with tons of humorous lines. What else do you need in a movie?

Favorite holiday scent: Homesickness creates this intoxicating scent called The Nutcracker. I don’t like overly floral or sweet smells, so this one was a winner for me. Lots of musk and sandalwood notes with just a hint of the perfect holiday spice.

Must-have source for holiday decorating: Genesis Benefit thrift store. They always have a great seasonal decor, but you can find some particularly awesome items at Christmas!

Essential decorative object: Our plush Christmas llama with Santa hat and bells.

Favorite Dallas Vacation Event: Our family loves the Dallas Zoo (so much that my kid goes to school). So every holiday Zoo Lights is a must see for us.

Best Santa Claus in Dallas: Half-price Santa’s books have always been our favorite – it’s part of our annual tradition to go see him!

Best Source for Local Holiday Cards: I love pretty greeting cards. Favor the Kind and The Merchant have some super unique ones. For a more traditional take, Paper Affair is my choice.

Best place to see the holiday lights: Every year I count the days until Highland Park Village is all light up for the holidays. We always go there when the weather is nice, have a hot chocolate and go window shopping. This year, I plan to take my children there for their first carriage ride!

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