How artificial intelligence is changing the automotive industry

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Artificial intelligence is driving a paradigm shift in the areas of customer experience when driving or driving a car. Already, some AI-powered vehicles have hit the market while other manufacturers are undertaking solid research to come up with new ones. The main goal of artificial intelligence is to simplify the driving experience by getting you to your destination safely, even when the driver is taking a nap at the wheel. Read on to find out how the auto industry is getting a facelift using artificial intelligence:

  • The main purpose of the driver monitoring system is to ensure that the driver remains focused on the road ahead. This is done by analyzing and monitoring the driver’s facial features in real time. The system can address different safety issues by understanding the mood and condition of the driver with the help of various computer vision technologies such as emotion recognition, head tracking, etc. A mix of these technologies helps the system to assess the driver’s level of attention, direction of gaze, current emotions, etc. Whenever the system detects drowsiness, it can send a warning signal to the driver to slow down the car or take a break. Emotion recognition can detect emotions like anger which is infamous for causing road rage. By detecting such negative feelings, the system can automatically slow down the car or suggest alternative routes. Driver biometrics are also gaining traction and are commonly used in cars to prevent auto theft. The system alerts the owner and blocks the car if an unauthorized person tries to start it.
  • If the car can understand the moods of each passenger, then all of their needs can be met in real time. A passenger monitoring system is the latest advancement in AI that will allow passengers to estimate the age and sex of passengers, recognize their emotions, and more. This data will help to assess the environment in the cabin such as the number of passengers in the back seat. so that the car’s safety devices like airbags or seat belts can be adjusted according to the relative position of each passenger. Estimating age can be very useful in preventing minors from starting a car without supervision or from driving alone without supervision. Artificial intelligence can ensure a comfortable environment by monitoring lighting, temperature, music, seat settings, etc. It can help block adult content when a child is there in the car or automatically adjust the seats so that a tired passenger sleeps peacefully.

Final words

If advances in artificial intelligence go as planned, our future generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of the landscape on their road trips rather than focusing on the wheel and the road ahead. Accidents mostly happen due to human errors like distracted or drunk driving. The introduction of automation and artificial intelligence in driving can significantly reduce the risk of accidents. Despite this, if you ever succumb to some sort of bodily injury due to the reckless driving of others, you can seek professional help. lawyer Walter Benenati to pursue the matter.

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