House of the Dragon Episode 2 Recap SPOILER FILLED


Our mysterious knight, Ser Criston Cole, from the previous episode returns and Rhaenyra seems very eager to see him. The princess wants him to join the Kingsguard, but Otto reminds her of the political implications of choosing a knight who is not from a high house. Rhaenyra tells him that his father should be protected by knights who have actually seen battle, and Ser Criston is the only candidate who has.

Meanwhile, Viserys gives Allicent Hightower a history lesson on ancient Valyria. The two have bonded over their grief, and Viserys uses their time together to find out more about his own daughter.

Afterwards, Allicent and Rhaenyra visit the Temple of the Seven and the two discuss the possibility of Viserys remarrying. Allicent does not reveal her secret encounters with Viserys or that Otto is pushing her to become the next Mrs. Viserys Targaryen.

Allicent urges Rhaenyra to be more open with her own father, presumably relieving her of the duty of being Viserys’ spy.

Viserys, Rheanys and Corlys


In the garden of the Red Keep, Viserys meets his cousin Princess Rhaenys and her husband Corlys. Corlys warns Viserys that he is in a precarious situation following the death of his wife Aemma. Rhaenys echoes her husband’s warning.

Corlys suggests merging their family, Viserys marrying his young daughter Laena, who is 12.

That evening, Rhaenyra and Viserys have a tense dinner together in the king’s chambers. Rhaenyra explains why she chose Ser Criston and Viserys seems to support her decision.

After dinner, it is revealed that Viserys suffers from gray rot, the disease that destroyed Valyria. Viserys tells Otto and Grand Maester Mellos about Corlys’ suggestion. The Maester is in favor of the marriage but Otto seems to suggest to the king to abstain.

Viserys meets Laena and we are reminded that she is just a child. Laena gives a rehearsed speech about how she would give Viserys many children and the king is clearly uncomfortable with the reunion.

From a nearby balcony, Rhaenys reveals her dislike of the situation to Rhaeynra and warns the young princess that she will likely be replaced as heiress if Viserys remarries and has a son.

“Men would rather put a torch in the kingdom than see a woman on the Iron Throne,” she says.



In a touching gesture, Allicent gives Viserys a stone dragon figurine but their moment is interrupted by Otto who has called a small emergency council meeting.

A dragon keeper tells the council that Prince Daemon Targaryen stole a dragon egg. Daemon left a note saying he intended to marry his concubine who would be pregnant with his child. The egg will be placed in the baby’s cradle to be raised alongside the child.

The Dragon Keeper admits that the egg Daemon took is the one Rhaenyra chose for baby Baelon before his untimely death.

Viserys wants to go immediately but Otto says he will meet Daemon instead.



Otto travels with a small rentinue to Dragonstone to retrieve the Daemon Egg. The prince meets him with a large entourage of golden cloaks. The Hand asks Daemon to return the egg and end its occupation of Dragonstone.

Daemon offers him the egg knowing that Otto would have to kill him to take it. Otto asks if Daemon is ready for war and threatens his unborn child, causing Daemon and all the knights present to draw their swords.

Daemon Caraxes’ dragon appears atop the cliff reminding Otto and his knights that they would be fried in an instant, but the king’s men are saved when Rharynra flies in on her own dragon.

Rhaenyra says that Daemon Dragonstone is her dungeon and asks him why he provokes the king.

Daemon says he is just following his family’s traditions of taking a second wife and raising a child with a dragon, as is the custom of the royal Targaryens.

Rhaenyra asks if his new wife is pregnant and Daemon shyly admits that she will be one day. She tricks Daemon into killing her but he walks away, giving her the egg before leaving.



Daemon is furious when he returns to the dungeon and his wife, Mysaria, feels the same. She reveals that she cannot have children and asks if Daemon can really protect her if he continues to irritate the king.

Mysaria reminds Daemon that she has spent her life as a slave and although he is protected by name, she would not fare so well if captured by the king’s men.

Meanwhile, Viserys meets with his master of law, Lyonel Strong, to ask his opinion on the rejection of Corlys’ marriage proposal. Strong reminds her that if war were to break out in the Stepstones, they would need Corlys’ support.

The meeting is interrupted by Rhaenyra’s return and it is revealed that the king did not know she had flown to Dragonstone.

He scolds the princess for acting without the king’s permission, but Rhaenyra is unfazed by his temper. She reminds him that she managed to retrieve the egg without spilling a drop of blood, a result Otto could not have achieved.

Viserys tells Rhaenyra that he still mourns his wife and that they bond over the loss of Aemma. They discuss the possibility of Viserys remarrying and he assures her that Rhaenyra would never lose her place as heiress. Rhaenyra gives him her blessing to remarry, assuming he is to marry Laena, the 12-year-old daughter.



The small council meets and Viserys announces his intention to remarry, but not to Laena. At Allicent Hightower.

Corlys and Rhaenyra are both shocked by this news. Corlys shares her displeasure as Otto watches smugly. Rhaenyra holds back her tears before storming off.

In a dimly lit room, Corly encounters an unseen guest and divulges her family’s history, which predates the Targaryens. He tells his guest that he feels they are “made of the same cloth” and it is revealed that he is meeting Daemon.

Corlys suggests that they join forces to resume the marches. The true horror of what’s happening there is shown when we see pirates nailing Westerosi sailors to driftwood and waiting for crabs to eat them alive.

We were promised more blood this season and the showrunners are delivering.

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