‘Hitman 3’ Year 2 content set to be revealed this week

Hitman 3 has planned a presentation later this week to give players a sneak peek at the content of Year 2 of the title.

IO Interactive will preview the 15-minute pre-recorded presentation on the Hitman Youtube page tomorrow (January 13) at 2 p.m. GMT. You can watch it here.

According to the announcement, the stream will be “filled with announcements, revelations and never-before-seen footage of new content coming to the world of assassination in 2022.”

Year 2 content is slated to launch on January 20, and players can expect to see the reveal of “Elusive Target Arcade, PC VR, and an all-new game mode – along with other announcements, surprises, and news.” sequences “, tomorrow.

At the end of last year, IO Interactive said there were “more people working on 3 “contract killer that the game launched in January. IOI Director of Communications Travis Barbour also pledged that “there is a lot more to come next year too” for Hitman 3.

In NMEgame reviewer Jordan Oloman gave it four stars, saying Hitman 3 was “a bundle of content that kills with confidence” and “a buffet of brilliant gaming opportunities that you can gorge yourself on for many months to come.”

With pristine visuals and environments bursting with detail to coax your most chaotic murderous follies, it’ll be hard to argue against picking up this if you’re a fan of Hit. It’s also a great starting point for newcomers to the series, with substantial replay value and a VR output that is more than just gimmicks.

A special episode of the NME Gaming Podcast launched in December 2021 to discuss the best games of the year – including Hitman 3.

Host Louise Blain led the discussions with guests Jake Tucker, Imogen Mellor and Baby Queen to speak Ratchet and Clank: a flaw apart, Death loop, and Cruelty squad. The team also examined Hotline Miami 2, Rust, GTA Online and more. Available through all the usual podcast sources, it can also be streamed through web browsers.

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