Groundbreaking New Women’s Magazine DEFY Tackles Misogyny in the Workplace

HALIFAX, Nova Scotia–()–Forget recipes, workouts and dietary advice, DEFY magazine aims to validate women’s anger and frustration by exposing how misogyny seeps into the workplace.

DEFY Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Julie Lawrence, is the former editor-in-chief of a national women’s health and wellness magazine.

“The review was for The women run by middle-aged men. It was incredibly eye-opening when I realized that these men were deciding how women should feel and what they should care about, despite my insistence otherwise,” Lawrence said. “My skills, my experience and the fact that I was actually a woman meant little compared to the opinions of other middle-aged men. It was infuriating.”

This experience formed the genesis of DEFY, a purely digital magazine that will tackle how misogyny manifests itself in the workplace, provide practical skills from industry experts on how to deal with these challenges and will feature brilliant women who defy odds, expectations and convention by stepping outside the patriarchy.

“DEFY is not just a magazine, it’s a movement. This is a call for women to unapologetically show up as themselves and thrive,” said Kelley Bonner, an expert corporate culture strategist who has served on the White House Gender Policy Committee as well as the International Women’s Economic Security Council. “DEFY is the magazine I wish I had at the start of my professional career. This magazine will revolutionize the way women occupy space, whether in the boardroom or at home.”

DEFY relies heavily on its advisory board to bring its expertise and experience to the topics discussed in the magazine. In addition to Bonner, the advisory board includes: Jennifer Ettinger, Canada’s first social media correspondent; Karen Laos, expert in corporate communication and trust; Kirsten Miller, New York Times bestselling author of The Change; Priya Sam, former host of CTV’s morning show and current host of the Turning Point podcast; Makini Smith, award-winning entrepreneur, mental coach and founder of A Walk in My Stilettos; Dr. Lisa Petty, researcher and author on women’s well-being; and Marci Warhaft, body image expert and host of the How to Ruin Your Own Reputation podcast.

The first issue of the magazine came out this week and can be viewed at

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