Grab your wallet, it’s North Texas Donation Day

Last year, North Texas Giving Day raised $66 million from 103,000 donors, benefiting more than 3,300 local nonprofits during an 18-hour period. Today’s online donation event will aim to top it all off.

The premise is simple: Thousands of nonprofits sign up to raise funds, and the Communities Foundation of Texas provides a platform for donors across the country to give to their favorite (or new) charities. ) All day long. This year, the foundation is partnering with technology platform Mightycause, which it says will help potential donors find charities that match their interests and favorite causes.

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“Each year, thousands of donors show up for our community nonprofits and this year we want to help all donors – those who have previously participated and those who may be participating for the first time – to identify their unique passions and giving gifts that can help make our communities safe spaces to be well, be happy, and be whole,” said Monica Christopher, Senior Vice President and Head of Giving and Community Impact at CFT. “We want to continue to build the spirit of giving by engaging and activating more donors because each individual donation, no matter how small, helps the collective.”

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention that Big D Reads, our citywide effort to read Jim Schutze’s book, Accommodationis also in the waiting line this year through CFT’s Big D Reads fund. Supporting the fund helps Big D Reads do things like buy 30,000 paperback copies of a book to give away, for example.

If you’re a new donor and aren’t sure where you want your money to go this year, go to will give you the ability to view nonprofits by specific interests. Perhaps you would like to contribute to a musical education effort or a animal rescue. Or maybe you would like to contribute to a arts organization or support educative efforts in area schools.

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The new platform will allow you to search by your interests and further filter by operating budgets (perhaps you prefer your money to go to a smaller organization), counties served, who the organization serves primarily, who runs the organization, and even by organizations that have an equity statement. You can also continue your donation by searching for organizations that have matching offers.

“It really starts online, and for some people it’s almost like a shopping experience in how you can add different nonprofits to your cart and do your freebies at the same time,” Chris McSwain, director of community engagement for North Texas Giving Day, says People Diaries.

Our sister publication has also given local nonprofits the opportunity to do lightning pitches for today as well. you can see them here.


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