Get ready for the holiday season with the best ecommerce strategies

This year, however, brand and e-commerce marketers face yet another wild ride, with the uncertainty created by changing trends. The pandemic has led to an increase in online shopping, and many shoppers will likely continue to buy online. In fact, according to survey data from September 2021, consumers expect a 50/50 split between online and physical purchases. The retail giants – Amazon, Target and Wal-Mart – are already capitalizing on convenience to keep their share of the wallet.

There are, however, other factors to consider. Buying trends are changing rapidly. News of supply chain pressures and shipping delays around the world have prompted many buyers to buy early or change their buying behavior – 83% of buyers plan to start before Thanksgiving this year , in deviation from the standard. In such an unpredictable market at such an important time of year, business intelligence has never been so important. This is where the performance analysis platform Campaign element may be the lifeline that online marketers need right now to ensure they are making the most of the holiday season. As we head into the heart of the 2021 holiday season, here are some strategies to prepare and protect your digital shelf for the next vacation.

Focus on ranking organic searches. Whether shopping online or in person, many shoppers start their research online, on a smartphone or tablet. This is why it is essential to monitor and improve your ranking in online searches. Also watch where you show up. Going from page 2 to page 1, and even in the top 10 ads, can dramatically increase your sales. Improving your organic search ranking depends on being visible about what is working and what is not for your brand. It’s here that Campaign element can help, with a detailed look at what changes you might make to content, product descriptions, or images to affect your ranking in organic search results.

Analyze your paid SEO strategy. Buyers are pressed for time and you only have seconds to grab attention when it comes to search results. The holiday season is the time to invest in a robust paid search strategy, but you’ll want to make sure you understand which product attributes are driving value. It’s here that Campaign element can give you valuable information at campaign level and product attributes. With them, you can better understand what drives the market and what your competition is doing, so you can narrow down your edge and see ROI from a page 1 placement.Make sure your product detail pages are complete. It’s a big problem. Incomplete or inconsistent product detail pages can hurt you, whether it’s Amazon listings or your own website. In your eCommerce portfolio, all product detail pages should be complete, correct, and convincing. Campaign element can help you make sure that you don’t overlook any bright spots or gaps that keep you from meeting best-selling category benchmarks.

Evaluate your SEO strategy and campaigns. During this volatile time of year, whims and demand rule the market in unpredictable ways. And that’s during a typical season, which 2021 is anything but. Exploring campaign elements, including CPCs, is essential to make sure you know how changing demand, sudden interest, or seasonality can drive spending. Overview of electronic analysis of Campaign element can help you ensure that your campaigns are profitable and that your overall marketing spend ultimately generates a return on your investment.

Watch carefully for stockouts. Maintaining an optimal inventory is the key to profitability. When a customer is ready to buy and your product is out of stock, you lose the sale and maybe the customer too. Campaign element helps you determine if stockouts are hurting your income.

Track prices. Many retailers are introducing new pricing strategies to drive sales this holiday season. Buy Now Pay Later is one of them, and it may appeal to segments like Gen Z and the unbanked, both of which are more price sensitive. The big brands have already deployed the BNPL options; some have been in play since 2019. BNPL can affect pricing, so it’s important to watch this. With Campaign element, you can check item price, sale price and list price across all platforms, making sure products are priced correctly even with new options like BNPL, and you can easily monitor third party activity and competitors to protect your brand and your products.

Of course, there are also other strategies to consider, best practices such as:

-Ensure your payment process is as easy as possible

-Provide access to customer service with tools like live chat and quick responses

-Create engaging content, such as gift guides

-Use targeting and segmentation to create personalized email campaigns

– Boost sales with informed retargeting

Use up-to-date visuals and text for featured vacation campaigns, and to make sure your site and product pages have that vacation look, and more

This holiday season can be full of surprises, but your performance shouldn’t be one of them. The right insight can make or break your brand this holiday season, and business intelligence can give you what you need, when you need it. It’s here that Campaign element really stands out as a one-stop-shop with insight into buying trends and behaviors, as well as what your competition is doing, so you can end 2021 in the dark.

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