Former Atwater Brewery Owner Launches FÜL Beverage Brand

FÜL is a new brand of non-alcoholic beers and sports drinks with natural flavors produced locally. // Courtesy of FÜL

Detroit veteran brewer Mark Rieth is launching a brand of non-alcoholic beer and sports drinks with natural flavors called FÜL.

Pronounced “fuel” and billed as a smart alternative to high-sugar drinks, the drinks are now hitting the shelves of Michigan retailers.

Rieth says FÜL’s first six products promise a “refreshing” taste that will appeal to anyone seeking “tranquility, harmony, peace, understanding, self-healing, enlightenment and recovery.”

“We recognize that’s a bold promise,” says Rieth, “but we believe we’ve developed bold drinks that are uniquely and cleverly designed for pre-workout social consumption when you just need a little extra energy or after training when you need to recover.

Rieth operated the Atwater Brewery for more than 20 years, growing it from a small batch brewer to one of Michigan’s largest and most successful breweries, before selling the business to Molson Coors in June 2020.

At Atwater, Rieth says he’s committed to restoring Detroit’s legacy as a beer powerhouse. Now, he says he aims to reinvent non-alcoholic beers and sports drinks into healthier, finer and more refreshing beverages.

“Unlike most sports drinks, we only use natural flavors and no preservatives,” he says. “Pre-workout drinks cut out unhealthy sugars and use natural coffee berry caffeine and are lower in calories than their counterparts.

“Post-workout drinks are caffeine-free and contain electrolytes and vitamin B to help your body recover. There’s also a CBD-infused post-workout drink with extra restorative powers. It’s a healthier and more more hydrating to replace lost water in your body.

Pre-workout drinks include Savage Berry, which comes in a 16-ounce can with no preservatives or sugars, and Lit Blood Orange which uses all-natural flavors and natural caffeine to provide an energy boost without added calories or preservatives. .

The post-workout menu includes Recovery Pineapple Coconut, designed to quench thirst, replace electrolytes and serve as vitamin B to help the body recover faster, and Rehab+ Cherry, which includes the best of FÜL’s post-workout ingredients and adds 25mg of CBD. .

Rieth is also launching two non-alcoholic beers, NA IPA and Feel Better Blonde, which have been designed to deliver the full flavor profile of non-alcoholic beer. Beers are healthy, low-calorie alternatives for people who love beer but are on the go.

“Alcohol-free beers have been around for decades, but few brewers treat them with any real respect or pay close attention to flavor,” says Rieth. “FÜL will change that with delicious, hydrating beers for active people who love the taste, but are on the go or need to drive home.”

Each of FÜL’s cans is designed for a specific flavor and each bears the motto Fuel Your Quest for Alchemy.

“We think alchemy is a great cultural statement because our products are designed to change you for the better,” says Rieth. “Each drink is deliberately balanced to give you – and your body – exactly what it needs, starting with great taste and hydration without the unnecessary additives and calories. And we believe that once people will have tried them, they will be addicted and will want more.

Rieth has plans for additional products and ingredients and is developing new retail concepts.

“We’re just getting started,” he says. “We have many more innovative products and ideas to come. We see FÜL as the start of a cultural statement, where company and customer come together in a quest to find zen in life. I am thrilled to begin this new journey, with my continued commitment to quality and absolute dedication to Detroit and Michigan.

FÜL Beverage NA beers will be available in six packs of 12-ounce cans. FÜL Alternative Energy Drinks are available in individual 16-ounce cans and 12-packs.

More information and direct website sales are also available at

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