Experienced companies team up to support employee wellbeing

AeroPM has partnered with veteran-owned and operated Sonder as a modern alternative to an employee assistance program.

AeroPM has signed on as a defense launch customer for Sonder, leveraging their medical, mental health, safety and wellness support for AeroPM employees.

Founded in 2017, Sonder is a wellness and safety company serving organizations in the corporate, education and government sectors. Sonder provides a technology solution backed by a team of medical and mental health professionals and former (or out of service) emergency service personnel.

The app gives all AeroPM staff and their families access to real-time 24/7 support via chat and phone, confidential care and advice, safety alerts and Sonder’s “Check-On-Me” and “Track-My-Journey” functions. .

“We are thrilled to join Sonder and be their defense launch customer,” said AeroPM Managing Director Emily Frizell. “Our people are second to none and they deserve the best. Partnering with a company that also understands how to deliver excellence is important to us; the fact that they represent another Australian veteran achievement the makes it even better.

“Naturally, we hope our team won’t need support very often, but it’s fantastic peace of mind knowing that they and their families can access healthcare professionals in person (and at home) or online if they need it.”

“While we have signed with some of Australia’s largest and most successful companies, our first foray into the defense market is particularly special, given that the founders of Sonder and many of our team members are veterans themselves,” Rodney Davis, Sonder’s head of government and education, says. “AeroPM employees and their families can now enjoy access to top-of-the-line confidential medical, mental health, wellness and security support at the push of a button.

“Furthermore, I can see this being key for AeroPM to be able to attract and retain talent in the future.”

The partnership will remain in place for at least three years and will cost AeroPM employees nothing.

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