Detroit’s FÜL Beverages Expands Statewide Distribution

FÜL Beverages in Detroit has expanded its distribution across Michigan. // Courtesy of
FÜL drinks

FÜL Beverages, a Detroit-based beverage designed to help the body relax and recover, announced new distribution agreements to distribute its products to retailers across the state.

Mark Rieth, the entrepreneur and longtime beverage industry veteran behind FÜL — pronounced fuel — said convenience stores and other retailers in Michigan will begin receiving regular product shipments immediately and additional stores will be set up. online for the next 60 days.

“The beverage space is hyper-competitive with hundreds of beverages vying for limited shelf space,” says Rieth. “We are thrilled with the enthusiastic response from distributors and retailers who recognize the need for healthier, more refined and refreshing non-alcoholic beers and sports drinks and are opening their shelves to help FÜL expand its geographic reach.”

Natural energy drinks and non-alcoholic beers first appeared in Detroit and southeast Michigan in July. FÜL’s initial product line includes six drinks – two non-alcoholic beers, NA IPA and Feel Better Blonde, and four natural energy drinks, including Savage Berry, Lit Blood Orange, Recovery Pineapple Coconut and Rehab+ Cherry which uses 25 milligrams of CBD as an additional natural healing agent to aid in muscle rejuvenation.

FÜL’s is launching the local craft energy drink market with products designed to be healthier and more hydrating than those currently available.

“Unlike most energy drinks, we use all-natural, preservative-free flavors. Our energy drinks ditch unhealthy sugars in favor of natural coffee berry caffeine and monk fruit sweetener and are lower in calories than their counterparts,” says Rieth. “The drinks contain electrolytes and vitamin B to help your body recover and provide a healthier, more hydrating way to replace lost water in your body.”

Each of FÜL’s cans has been designed for a specific flavor and each bears the slogan “Fuel Your Quest for Alchemy”.

“We think alchemy is a great cultural statement because our liquids are designed to help FÜL drinkers be their best. Each drink is deliberately balanced to give you – and your body – exactly what it needs without the additives and calories. We’re confident that once people try them, they’ll want more,” says Rieth.

FÜL Beverage non-alcoholic beers are available in six packs of 12-ounce cans. FÜL Alternative Energy Drinks are available in individual 16-ounce cans and 12-packs.

Ful website offers a store locator to help customers find a convenient retailer. The locator will be updated as the distribution continues to grow over the next 60 days. The site also offers direct sales for those who prefer to order online.

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