DaxStreet launches monthly automotive magazine

DaxStreet, India’s fastest growing automotive information website, has now made its much anticipated foray into the magazine publishing space. The venture is part of a series of recent moves by the company to expand its reach and touch different areas of the media space. DaxStreet serves as a subset of automotive information for the pop culture and entertainment media network, OtakuKart. CEO of parent company and owner of DaxStreet, Sohel Moldharia, recently spoke about the new website move.

“It was an obvious and necessary decision for us to venture into the magazine market and harness the potential it offers. India has a massive audience for the automotive news niche, with enthusiasts and fresh and curious readers. A magazine is one of the most engaging and effective ways for a news media network to reach its audience. Thanks to our rapid growth so far, we were able to build a community of loyal and loyal readers. With an audience like that, retention and sustained readership becomes an important part of any media house’s expansion strategy,” said Moldharia.

He also added, “With the launch of a monthly magazine, we aim to cater to new readers as well as the loyal readers we have already managed to attract. A monthly magazine, both digital and offline support, will be a crucial part of our efforts to reach and retain our audience.The magazine was deliberately designed and curated by our talented team of writers, designers and graphics teams.

In a competitive space such as the automotive news industry, a magazine faces the challenge of attracting and offering readers uniqueness in terms of content. According to Moldharia, this is exactly the main objective with which DaxStreet’s monthly magazine was designed and organized. With expert editorials and highly illustrative analyses, the magazine has been compartmentalised into different sections to meet the diverse needs and choices of readers.

Sohel Moldharia also shared his excitement for the new areas of the automotive media world that the magazine will tackle. So far, DaxStreet has released content with a particular focus on cars. Together with the monthly magazine and other businesses, DaxStreet aims to expand its target sector to more automobiles and industries in global media coverage.

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