Create More Engaging Content With This $40 AI Editor

In recent years, copywriters and online marketers have stopped trying to do all the heavy lifting themselves. While few (if any) entrepreneurs have the time or money for a copy editor, AI speech and content checkers are making quantum leaps.

If you’re trying to cast a spell on subscribers, you’ll need more than just one magic word – and Instoryd just might be the app to help you find them all.

Effective, persuasive writing can take hours to get right, and there are countless ways to craft even the shortest sentence. But any writing teacher can tell you that there’s a science to this, and that some word choices are more powerful than others. Instory goes through your text line by line, highlighting those words and helping find the right ones for the tone you’re trying to achieve.

The best part about this AI content checker: you can choose this tone. Whatever emotion you’re trying to elicit, you’ll get actionable guidance on how to achieve it. This is in addition to the basic grammar checks offered by any good writing app. Instory even scans text to find possible matches for certain phrases across the web, helping you avoid plagiarism.

This platform will not only improve your writing, it will make you a better writer over time. And PCMag readers can get a lifetime subscription to Instoried AI Content Checker on sale for $39, which is 98% off the MSRP of $1,960.

Prices subject to change.

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