Coming soon: Macanda by Danny del Prado

It’s been a hot minute since Danny del Prado gave us something new, so I’m glad we can finally talk about the sequel.

Macanda will open in the old Wayzata Brew Works this summer on Lake Minnetonka.

Del Prado partners again with Aaron Switz, with whom he opened Josefina in the old Espace Bellecour (by the way, they just opened for lunch and brunch there so it’s a good time to do some pre-game, if you will), which is right in bottom of the new project.

The origin of the name is a tribute to both the mango tree and the Latin American magic realism, the town of Macando appears in Gabriel García Márquez’s masterpiece A hundred years of loneliness. “From a culinary perspective, mangoes are an original species native to Asia that have been widely adopted by Latin American cuisine, becoming a staple in the region. While the literary concept of magical realism brings to the Readers of vivid images of reality liberally sprinkled with whimsy and majesty, Macanda’s two inspirations aim to signal guests with an eclectic mix of global flavors in a traditional Mexican structure.” And, the name ends in an “a”, which sounds a bit like a thing for del Prado (Martina, Colita, RosalieJosefina…).

I’m told Macanda’s culinary menu will be cosmopolitan like Mexico City and offer a range of creative yet affordable dishes, from fried oyster tacos with celery remoulade, to grilled king crab with carrot mayonnaise and braised oxtail with black mole. Chef Steve McMullen, who helped del Prado open Bar La Grassa, Burch Steak and Josefina, will lead the kitchen for the new project.

It should be noted that this lakeside location will also feature a full cocktail program, as well as a vinyl lounge and record bar. Switz has been fascinated by it since his trip to Japan. They are usually small, cozy bars with large record collections, where the vinyl spins while you eat and drink. “I’m so excited for this to become a reality in this space,” Switz told me. “I really want to bring in some cool lineup, bring in some musicians so you know on a Tuesday who might be in the bar shooting their collection. We’ll definitely have something set up on the patio as well, but the vibe really comes to be in a small space filled with music.” He thinks this area of ​​the restaurant will accommodate around 30 people. I love this idea, especially for a lakeside spot that needs to get people hooked in February.

The team completely gutted the brewery, so no more beer smells and popcorn floors. Outside, they’ve worked on a killer patio, which weaves down to the water. They will have fireplaces, mosquito nets in the areas and some 150 seats when everything is settled.

The truth is that they have been working on this project for a long time. As far as parking permit issues and, of course, delayed cargo shipments, that almost didn’t happen, a few times. But they feel on track to open Macanda this summer, hopefully by mid-June. You can count on the lake city to pack the place from the start.

Stephanie Mars

Stephanie March, editor of Food and Dining, writes and edits the Eat + Drink section of Mpls.St.Paul magazine. She can also be heard on Saturdays on her myTalk107.1 radio show, Weekly Dish, where she talks about the Twin Cities food scene.

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April 28, 2022

12:19 p.m.

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