Cloudflare faces growing pressure to drop online forum known for transphobic content

Social media users are stepping up a campaign to stop hosting and security giant Cloudflare from providing services to Kiwi Farms.

Kiwi Farms is a nearly decade-old online forum and image-sharing website where users organize anonymously to harass and “doxx” certain internet users.

Doxxing is the act of publicly revealing someone’s private information online, a practice that some LGBTQ rights and privacy advocates say could lead to suicide.

Kiwi Farms, which was once described by New York magazine as “the web’s largest stalker community,” is notorious for its transphobic rhetoric.

In recent weeks, several users of the site have zeroed in on a well-known transgender rights activist and Twitch streamer named Clara Sorrenti.

Sorrenti, who goes by Keffals online, was targeted earlier this month by trolls who sent threats to authorities in the city of London, Ontario, Canada, posing as her.

The incident led armed police to his home. “I thought I was going to die,” she told Canada’s CTB on August 9.

On Sunday, she shared on Twitter that one of her accounts had been hacked and she had been doxxed again. “I’m leaving the continent in less than a week,” she said.

The incident led some social media users to urge Cloudflare to stop providing services to Kiwi Farms, with the #DropKiwifarms hashtag gaining traction.

Cloudflare, whose “ambitious goal” is “to help build a better Internet,” does not host Kiwi Farms, according to Axios, but it does provide services that help keep the site online and better distribute its content. .

“Kiwi Farms is an extremist-friendly forum that has been the breeding ground for countless harassment campaigns, including this recent brutal campaign of smashing, doxing and hacking,” the Anti-Defamation League tweeted on Wednesday. “It’s high time for @Cloudflare of #DropKiwiFarms.”

“People have died because of Kiwifarms…a life should never be treated so lightly. The blood is already on your hands, but it’s not too late to stop this madness,” Twitter user WhoWhoo wrote.

“I love how @Cloudflare ‘helps build a better internet’ by harboring people who harass, dox, SWAT and torment minorities until they kill themselves and then laugh at them,” said writes user Hector Martin, commenting on Cloudflare’s Twitter bio.

“@Cloudflare is in the midst of a PR nightmare because they refuse to do business with the Kiwifarms hate site they host,” summed up Twitter user Malcolm French.

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