Cars not to be missed at Top Marques Monaco 2022

From our partners: The star-studded event promises a range of groundbreaking supercars and prototypes.

After a two-year absence caused by the pandemic, Top Marques Monaco is back to kick off the summer season with its long-awaited return in June 2022. Promising supercars, classic cars – and even flying cars – the most exclusive car show in the world will be presented at the iconic Grimaldi Forum in Monaco from June 8 to 12, 2022.

Going from strength to strength since its inaugural show in 2004, Top Marques has today become something of a mecca for those wishing to buy and sell in the hyper automotive industry. And with a focus on renewable energy alternatives, it’s a must-see exhibition of future transport, offering exciting insights into the transport of tomorrow, today.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a new car or just an avowed car enthusiast, we’ve rounded up the cars not to be missed this year when Top Marques Monaco returns.

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Suite / ©Top Marques Monaco

This year’s crown jewel classic car collection must be attributed to both the display and subsequent sale of the Aston Martin DB5 Goldfinger Continuation and the wider glory of James Bond.

Declared the “world’s most famous car” due to its iconic positioning in the 1964 Bond film The golden finger, and produced in only 25 copies, the DB5 exhibited this summer is the last original automobile available from the collection. Plus, it features all the gadgets of the original movie model: machine guns, oil-spray taillights, smokescreen protection, rotating license plates.

Promising to shake and stir (sorry, we couldn’t help it) in June, the DB5’s display at Top Marques Monaco 2022 is unparalleled in its cultural and historical gravitas.

Deus Vayanne

Deus Vayanne is an electric hypercar from Formula 1 pedigree / ©Top Marques Monaco

With all the supercars to be unveiled by Top Marques boss His Supreme Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, the pressure is on for the vehicles to be worthy of such royal attention; and perhaps no supercar debut this year excels at the task quite as sensationally as the Deus Vayanne, an electric hypercar derived from the Formula 1 pedigree of Deus Automobiles, Italdesign and Williams Advanced Engineering.

Recently shown for the first time in New York, the car, which has a futuristic aesthetic worthy of a superhero movie, arrives in Europe for the first time in June.

Boasting 2,230bhp and capable of 0-100kph in less than two seconds, the all-electric Deus Vayenne is limited to just 99 models. The future has never been so fast, so green and, of course, so exclusive.

Artura from McLaren

The McLaren Artura / ©Top Marques Monaco

New hybrid supercar the Artura is sure to cause a stir in June as his appearance in Monaco marks his first official public appearance. With the bold promise of being the supercar for the next generation of motoring enthusiasts around the world, McLaren’s newest addition to its fleet is most notable for its speed, managing 0-100km/h in exactly three seconds.

So what’s up? With a commitment to the future and an emphasis on the all-new, the Artura is the end result of a pursuit of aerodynamic efficiency, unprecedented speed and a beautiful new design that prioritizes minimalism. to frills. From an advanced E-differential to rear suspension, the Artura promises a driving experience that’s both intense in speed and electrifying in power like no other.

Jetson Aero One

The Jetson AeroOne / ©Top Marques Monaco

Admittedly, a one-man electric helicopter looks like the stuff of the aforementioned James Bond show. But with this year’s Top Marques showcasing not one, but three flying machines of considerable innovation within the 21st transportation industry of the last century, it’s the Jetson AeroOne that excites us the most.

A new type of multicopter from the Swedish company Jetson Aero, the Jetson One will be presented for the first time on the world stage in Monaco next June. Measuring just 6 feet long and offering space for just one person, it’s a flying machine that offers an exciting and unprecedented way to get around.

The Jetson One features an aluminum-carbon frame, eight rotors, and weighs just 190 pounds. And with a top speed of 63 mph, safety features are plentiful, including but not limited to a ballistic parachute, emergency hold functions and a composite seat with harness.

Aspark Owl

The Aspark Owl / ©Top Marques Monaco

Built in Japan and distributed throughout Europe by rare and exotic hypercar specialists Absolut Cars Consulting, the Aspark Owl promises to be the fastest road car in the world with a 0-100 km/h achieved in a phenomenal time of 1.96 seconds.

Featuring a double-wishbone suspension with hydraulic shock absorbers and a carbon-ceramic braking system for stopping power, this Japanese sports car is dedicated to the pursuit of record speed. And its unparalleled speed isn’t the only thing that sets the Aspark Owl apart from the rest of this year’s pack; its overall height measures just under 40 inches, making the supercar even shorter than the Ford GT40 race car.

Fully battery-powered, the all-electric Absolut Owl has been in development since 2018, making its European debut a particularly exciting time for speed enthusiasts across the globe.

Top Marques Monaco returns from June 8 to 12, 2022.

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