Best Automotive Engineering Schools in USA

An automotive engineering degree is the perfect fit if your passion lies in designing cars or vehicle components. As a branch of mechanical engineering, this field requires intensive coursework – fortunately, you can always rely on a helpful online writing service for answer your demand by asking to “edit my article”. These platforms have reliable and high-level professional writers, giving you access to top talent like Henrique Bertulino, biology expert at Studybay.

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Have you always had an interest in automotive design and production? Here are the best automotive engineering schools:

1. Lawrence Institute of Technology, Southfield, Michigan

This college established in 1932 is one of the best institutes for an automotive engineering degree with affiliations to government bodies like the

  • transport department
  • Department of Defense
  • Ministry of Energy

Why choose Laurent Tech?

Originally based near Detroit, Lawrence Tech has a long history with the automotive industry, as the college’s first building was a former Model T assembly plant. With industry pioneers like Edsel and Henry Ford as founding members, the institute continues to foster fruitful partnerships with many automotive companies/groups.

If your interests are development and research oriented, this Southfield, Michigan-based college should be on your list. The Lawrence Tech Automotive Institute offers unique design opportunities where you can freely try your hand at designing automobiles for the aforementioned government agencies. Innovation in the design of ground/terrain vehicles is one of the main objectives of this institute, so you will have many opportunities to test your design projects.

Important partnerships

The Institute also offers its automotive engineering students unique partnerships where they can test their vehicle designs. Lawrence Tech is affiliated with several renowned competitions such as Formula SAE, Supermileag and even Baja SAE. You can work with other innovators at these festivals to design racing and sailing boats.

As an automotive engineering undergraduate from Lawrence Tech, you will be able to make a valuable contribution to your team’s craft. From managing concept designs to creating off-road upgrades and quick builds, this institute will challenge your creative side to the max.

2. Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Georgia

Famous Georgia Tech Alumni

Founded in 1885, the Georgia Institute of Technology, or simply Georgia Tech, is one of the Top 5 engineering schools in the USA. Some of their most notable alumni include former US President Jimmy Carter and racing legend Bob Osiecki.

The latter is a cult figure in NASCAR and Indy racing for having built the car so fasted all over the world. In 1961, working with the institute, the Georgia Tech alum made the “Rabid Dog IVwhich achieved an unprecedented speed record of 181.56 miles per hour.

Innovative Curriculum at Georgia Tech

Today, the institute is a center for automotive innovation – Georgia Institute of Technology offers a program unique among most engineering schools because it focuses on the holistic development of its academics. Instead of limiting their subjects to the core areas of engineering, Georgia Tech students take courses in humanities, computer science, and more.

Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute’s core modules are also diverse, focusing on a current curriculum as well as a classic view of automotive engineering. Researchers here learn about vehicle dynamics, fluid mechanics, and automotive design while delving into topics such as the environmental impact of the life cycle of tires for passenger vehicles.

3. Kettering University, Flint, Michigan

As one of the top-ranked places for engineering and computer science programs, Kettering has the #1 College by Salary Potential in Michigan.

Highlights of Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kettering University

Kettering University’s Automotive Engineering Design under the Department of Mechanical Engineering is one of the institute’s most exciting programs for automotive engineers. Along with courses in chassis/engine design, automotive performance and transmission design, you also get exclusive access to facilities and labels such as

  • e-Design/e-Manufacturing Studio
  • Energy Systems Laboratory
  • Crash Safety Center
  • Advanced Engine Research Lab
  • DENSO International Dynamic Systems Design Studio
  • The Center for Fuel Cell and Powertrain Systems

Important modules offered at Kettering University

The university’s undergraduate programs offer a classic yet innovative framework based on an essential understanding of vehicle electrical, mechanical, and technological components. Kettering seeks to match students’ interests by offering courses that match their career goals, including modules such as

  • Fuel cell science and engineering
  • Advanced Automotive Power Systems
  • Introduction to Finite Element Analysis with Structural Applications
  • Vehicle accident dynamics and accident reconstructions
  • Automotive Bioengineering Occupant protection and post-crash reconstruction
  • Hybrid electric vehicle drive

As a future automotive engineer, you will be involved in tasks involving vehicle manufacturing and design. Your college courses will also include practical exams where you will test the ergonomics and aerodynamics of the car. The best automotive engineering institutes also offer prototype-based modules where you receive in-depth lessons on vehicle development and manufacturing.

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Automotive Engineering and Online Paper Editing Services

With the rush of internships, lab tests, and courses, automotive engineering can be a demanding field. In addition to regular assignments, top colleges also offer unique team opportunities such as Baja SEA races, NASCAR demonstrations, and many others that require travel.

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Types of Automotive Engineering Topics Covered by Online Writing/Print Editing Services

Fortunately, the professional assistance of the best writing services can help you cope with this pressure. Experts from these online paper editing platforms provide support for automotive engineering modules including

  • Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  • Mechanics of machines and vehicles
  • Electronic instruments
  • Automotive design and component production
  • Vehicle control and dynamics
  • Energy storage systems (automotive)
  • Fluid dynamics
  • Design of modern automotive systems
  • Individual design projects, and more.

With experts supporting your courses, you can better take advantage of the modules and courses offered by these top automotive engineering schools.

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