BEHEMOTH will release twelve albums OPVS CONTRA NATVRAM

Shortly before the release of The BEHEMOTH 12th studio album, Opvs Contra Natvramthe black metal messiahs unleash one of their most ferocious and menacing singles to date. your eternal becoming tells a story of finding strength in times of misfortune and is encapsulated in an epic animated video, produced by the animator Ruben Fro.

Singer and FREAK visionary, Adam “Nergal” Darskitrack comments:
“Legions! Our new offering from Opvs Contra Natvram…Thy Becoming Eternal. As always, we try to keep things fresh! The video was produced by talented Japanese animator, Ruben Fro, who created this epic, aeonic CG landscape for our stoic warrior to traverse. The song itself is a fast and furious beast with an explosive ending, definitely one of the most intense songs in Behemoth’s catalog. Let us know if you agree!

Opvs Contra Natvram is the pure embodiment of rebellion, individuality and unwavering self-expression, shaped by a literary worldview. It also reflects a musical evolution, there is no doubt that Opvs Contra Natvram is The BEHEMOTH strongest and most sophisticated music collection to date.

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