Avril Lavigne brings Love Sux Party to London

It was something of a celebration at Budweiser Gardens on Tuesday night with balloons, confetti and streamers. The big party was the return of Canada’s punk princess, Avril Lavigne, to London for her first visit to the city in ten years. It was well worth celebrating. Avril was in top form that evening and her fans, mostly young women in their twenties, had been waiting a long time for this evening.

Opening the night was Avril’s current fiance, Derek Smith, otherwise known as Mod Son. Mod’s shocking green hair shone like a beacon in the blue and purple stage lighting as he bounced around singing a solid 7-song set of pop punk songs for the first crowd.

The artist’s New Jersey-born, Toronto-raised grandson was next and really rocked the crowd. Grandson is an activist and his music covers a multitude of important topics for today’s generation. Her frenetic stage performance entices the crowd to participate, and fans seated in the Garden seats complied loudly and enthusiastically during her spirited performance.

April made her grand entrance as a lighted figure behind a large curtain holding a bunch of large black balloons and launching into Cannonball from her current album Love Sux. Two air cannons fired banners into the crowd and Avril threw black beach balls into the crowd. The vibe was on from the first song and they might as well have sold out the whole floor on general admission, as those with seats in the back half got to see the whole show anyway.

The setlist was a combination of fan favorites and a few new Love Sux songs, including Bite Me, Love it When You Hate Me, Bois Lie, and the title track Love Sux. The 37-year-old still looks like the same teenager who broke out twenty years ago with the best-selling album of 21st century by a Canadian artist. She always rocks those tall leather boots and the leather skirt topped with a hoodie. Sonically, she sounded good. It’s been five years since she disappeared from touring due to a battle with severe Lyme disease, but she seems to be back in top form.

At one point during her set, her boyfriend Mod Sun took the stage to perform the song Flames with her, a song she helped write. The performance was outstanding, with both singers’ voices complimenting the other.

The main set ended with her biggest hit Sk8er Boi and she came out for a two-song encore with the hits Head Above Water and I’m With You. It was a bit short at 16 songs but she made up for it with the size of her performance and for her fans they are just thrilled to see her perform here again after a ten year absence from London. It was a great show and the tickets were very reasonably priced for today’s world where ticket prices are very high. April, thank you!

For more shows at Budweiser Gardens, visit the arena in line.

Avril Lavigne with Petitson and Mod Sun
Budweiser Gardens, London, ON
May 10, 2022
All photos by Dan Boshart (27th Floor Photography)

April Lavigne

List of Avril Lavigne sets:

  • Cannonball
  • Bite me
  • What the hell
  • here’s to never growing up
  • Complicated
  • my happy ending
  • Smile
  • Losing weight
  • Flames (With Mod Sun)
  • Love it when you hate me
  • Love Sux
  • Friend
  • Wood Lies
  • Sk8er Boi
  • Head above water
  • I am okay


Mod Sun

Photo: Dan Boshart

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