AutoSpot Rollout: BASF Announces Digital Production Tracking Tool

Michigan, United States – Body shops can now manage production through AutoSpot, BASF’s new digital production management tool allowing technicians and managers to track every part of a repair moving through their shop in real time.

Launched in 2022, AutoSpot is a separate entity that works in any body shop, regardless of paint line, and displays the status of each car as it goes through its repair process. The software reduces the time spent searching for items in the store, which BASF says can save technicians at least one to two hours a day.

The newsletter says AutoSpot can locate items such as tools and keys in 30 seconds or less, using Bluetooth signals and special wall readers. Additionally, real-time updates can reduce the number of production meetings spent tracking vehicle repair status. Additionally, digitization could create a more efficient workflow on a more familiar medium for the technically inclined.

According to BASF, the use of AutoSpot impresses young people during recruitment efforts.

“Whether it’s eliminating chaos, increasing customer satisfaction, or optimizing in-store production, AutoSpot is the tool that can deliver each of these experiences,” BASF said.

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