Auto giants create biomass innovation research association

ENEOS Corporation, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Subaru Corporation, Daihatsu Motor Company, Toyota Motor Corporation, and Toyota Tsusho Corporation established the Biomass Innovation Research Association for Next-Generation Automotive Fuels on July 1, 2022, to study ways to optimize the fuel production process.

Providing diverse energy options to meet the needs of many different regions and customers is crucial to achieving carbon neutrality. Hydrogen and synthetic fuels based on electricity from renewable energy sources, as well as bioethanol fuel capable of reducing CO2 emissions by photosynthesis in plants are promising options, and their effectiveness has been confirmed by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). However, it is essential to clarify the issues and seek a solution regarding the reduction of CO2 emissions and the social implementation throughout the manufacturing process, in addition to the supply of raw materials for each of these fuels.

This research association promotes technological research on the use of biomass, as well as the efficient production of bioethanol fuel for automobiles through the optimized circulation of hydrogen, oxygen and CO2 during production to achieve a carbon neutral society. The specific research areas are as follows.

(1) Research on efficient ethanol production systems

With the aim of improving the production technology of second-generation bioethanol fuel that does not compete with food, the research association will design, install and operate production facilities, identify production problems, research solutions and study ways to improve production efficiency. systems.

(2) Research on by-product oxygen, CO2 capture and utilization

The research association will study how to use the high concentration of oxygen generated as a by-product during the production of hydrogen, as well as the CO2 generated during the production of bioethanol.

(3) Research on the efficient operation of the whole system, including the use of fuel

The research association will study problems related to the use of obtained bioethanol fuel in automobiles and other vehicles and explore solutions. It will also study model formulas that can make predictions on both feedstock cultivation production volumes and fuel production volumes.

(4) Research on efficient methods of cultivation of raw materials

The research organization will develop a system offering optimal cultivation methods to maximize yield and optimize crop components to secure feedstock for bioethanol fuels. It will aim to improve the accuracy of crop yield productions through soil composition surveys and other methods.

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