Audi’s Urbansphere concept is a living room on wheels

The final piece of Audi’s three-part concept study has been unveiled: step inside the Urbansphere, an ultra-spacious automobile described as “a living room on wheels and a mobile office” by the German marque.

The concept car, which is the brand’s largest ever, was crafted by Audi’s Beijing and Ingolstadt design studios to cater to the sensibilities of the booming Chinese market and any future megacities sprouting up in the country.

Photo: Audi

The concept is based on the inevitable truth that we spend more time than we’d like stuck in traffic, so might as well be comfortable and productive.

This comfort stems, first, from an abundance of legroom and headroom. The vehicle is 5.51 meters long, over 2 meters wide and 1.78 meters high. This is made even more spacious by the complete removal of the steering gear, pedals or screens.

Photo: Audi

Enter through a pair of fore and aft hinged passenger doors, with no dividing pillar between them. Once inside, expect four seats – with myriad customization options – that can recline or swivel for easy conversation, each equipped with an extendable footrest, screen privacy and personal “sound zones”, thanks to the built-in loudspeakers.

The vehicle also operates a comprehensive infotainment and digital services ecosystem that is still under development. Think Alexa or Siri, built into your commute – meaning you can make dinner reservations, attend concerts or shop from the comfort of your car.

Photo: Audi

Other niceties include a large screen that can rotate vertically on the roof, a water dispenser and a self-lighting umbrella.

All this, with an expected range of 750 km – thanks to an extra-large 120 kWH battery hidden in the base of the vehicle. Ten minutes at a fast charging station will be enough for a 300 km getaway.

Audi urban sphere
Photo: Audi

Ahead of the Urbansphere, the German brand showed off the Grandsphere – a futuristic electric vehicle with a retractable steering wheel and screen – as well as the Skysphere, which could transform from a convertible roadster to a grand tourer in a jiffy.

Both concepts, like the Urbansphere, were anchored on level four autonomous vehicle technology, which is not yet truly commercially viable. But we can dream.

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