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OLEDs have made another foray into the automotive world, as German automaker Audi now offers taillights using the technology as standard, rather than as an option, on its A8 luxury sedan.

The company introduced its new A8 last week, highlighting OLED taillights as one of the hallmarks of the latest redesign of a car first released in 1994.

As with the Audi Q5 luxury sport utility vehicle, the slim OLED panels emit different geometric lighting patterns, which Audi calls “signatures.” The company offers a choice of two different signatures on the A8, or three on the high-end S8.

Both models are also equipped with additional OLED tail lights that light up when a vehicle approaching from behind approaches within 2m.

Ingolstadt-based Audi introduced optional OLED taillights on the A8 in 2017, using a product from Osram, but the two companies went their separate ways as Osram downsized the technology.

Since then, Audi – which is part of the Volkswagen Group – has worked with an Asian supplier it refused to identify for LED magazine, and with OLEDWorks, based in Rochester, NY. The new A8’s OLEDs are believed to be from OLEDWorks, although LED could not confirm it.

OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) are plates of thin material that light up in response to an electric current. They can facilitate smoother design options than LEDs, which are unique points of light, although the LED community itself has made impressive strides in integrating LEDs into slim constructions.

OLEDs can cost more than LEDs. Thus, their appearance in a luxury automobile might make more sense than in a car intended for the masses. The Audi A8 costs $ 86,500 and the S8 $ 130,900.

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