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Do you want to know more about edible products? Here’s the buzz about this popular way for medical marijuana patients to consume cannabis.

What are edibles?

By the simplest definition, edibles are ingestible food products that have been infused with cannabinoids.

“Edibles can contain THC, CBD, or both,” says Bethanie White, director of marketing for Clovr Cannabis, a Kansas City-based medical marijuana maker that supplies products to dispensaries in Missouri. “CBD alone doesn’t have any psychoactive effects, but when mixed with THC it creates a more complete experience. We call it the “entourage effect”.

The expression “entourage effect” was coined to express the synergy or the cooperative effect when the two compounds are joined.

While edibles can take many different forms, these are five of the most popular varieties.

1. Gummies

Like candy, cannabis infused gummy candies come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and fruity flavors, even in tangy variations.

“We are the authorized distributor of a brand called Wana – their blueberry gum is probably our most popular product,” White said. “We also have a cinnamon rolled apple pie candy that people love this time of year. “

2. Bakery products

Marijuana brownies are often what comes to mind when people think of unmanageable cannabis, although cannabis can also make appearances in cookies, muffins, cupcakes, and any other baked goods.


Clovr Cannabis Candy with Salted Vanilla Caramel and Citrus Caramel

Photo provided by Clovr Cannabis

3. Chocolates

Another easy to consume and flavorful way to enjoy the THC / CBD effect is cannabis infused chocolate. Clovr Cannabis has partnered with chocolatier Christopher Elbow to elevate chocolate bars and cannabis candies to gourmet levels.

“We have a pumpkin and spice candy for the fall, and we have a peppermint rind for the holidays soon,” White adds.

4. Hard candy

Low to medium potency, hard candy, lollipops, lollipops, and cannabis lozenges are considered a double absorption product.

“This means that THC and CBD are absorbed through the mouth, stomach, and liver,” White explains. “They usually start to work after about 20 minutes, whereas a candy or chocolate that you chew and swallow takes 45 minutes to two hours to work. The effects can last from two to six hours depending on what and how much you take.

5. Drinks

Cannabis “drinks” and drink mixes like sodas, teas, coffees and cocoas present another option. There are also tinctures, or liquid extracts, which can be added to drinks or dropped directly under the tongue for quick absorption.

“Our root beer is our best-selling flavor of drink,” says White. “We have also just launched a line of energy drinks. “

Good to know

With any form of edible product, consumers should be aware that the cannabis content may vary by product and the effects may differ from individual to individual.

“Depending on the state you live in, the cannabis content of edibles can range from 2.5 milligrams to 50 milligrams, which is the highest amount allowed in Missouri,” White explains. “In some other states, the content can go up to 100 milligrams.”

The desired outcome of consuming a food determines how much an individual person should ingest at a time. If you’re new to edibles, White advises starting small and going slow.

“You might want to try a product with 5 milligrams or less and really give it time to kick in,” she recommends. “When people have a bad experience with an edible, it’s probably because they took it too too quickly.”

To find out more, visit clovrcannabis.com.

The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only and does not replace any medical advice given by a physician. Cannabis is still considered a Schedule 1 controlled substance and is illegal under federal law. Adults who use cannabis should keep cannabis products away from animals and out of the reach of children. Note that the intoxicating effects of cannabis can sometimes be delayed, so do not drive a vehicle or machine after use. Using cannabis while pregnant or breastfeeding can be harmful. By purchasing cannabis from a dispensary, you assume the risk of any damage or loss that occurs during its consumption.

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