December 12, 2018

Watch the Cash Investigation on Implant files in replay

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“Cash Investigation”, this Tuesday, November 27, was followed by two million viewers who probably all been stunned by this investigation and revelations about medical implants. If you missed it, Elise Lucet’s show is available in replay.

This Tuesday, November 27, France 2 broadcast a new long-term investigation of Cash investigation : for eight months, the team of Elise Lucet worked in connection with the Icij, this international consortium that brings together 252 journalists in 36 countries , and who had already been illustrated in the revelations of “LuxLeaks” , “Panama Papers” and “Paradise Papers” , to infiltrate the meanders of the “medical devices” sector. Here, unlike previous times, this unusual investigation did not originate from a leak of confidential documents. Teams of journalists have conducted an impressive field survey around the world.

In France, they went to knock on the doors of the giants of this lucrative market of medical devices (breast implants, hip or vaginal prostheses, stents, cardiac valves …), costed at 316 billion euros (Allergan, Johnson & Johnson , Medtronic …), tease ministers (Agnès Buzyn, caught in the net of its contradictions) and heads of health agencies (the ANSM, in his little shoes), and peel a slew of medical records … And what reveals that Cash Investigation is really chilling. The magazine recalls what, of course, we already knew a bit, namely that big money stories often dominate the health of humans. Even on their survival. Except that, in this case, the propensity takes on an unprecedented scale, an implacable logic. And probably augurs big scandals to come. The PIP breast prosthesis, which made headlines a few years ago, was wrongly perceived as an isolated fraud, it was just the tree that hid the forest.

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